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    I wouldn't pick anyone simply because it's just a one night stand. If it was an actual relationship with someone who would cosplay Shandris Feathermoon and they'd be passionate about her like I am, a one night stand isn't going to cut it.

    So, I refuse the option for a one night stand.
    it's your own choice how far you want to go. if you want to take the relationship beyond one night stand,go for it.
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    If they pay enough money.

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    Given they look nearly exactly the same and act in such a way, I think I'd go for Hermione.

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    Ahri of course ;_;

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    Mako from SWTOR!

    She'd be in that slave outfit I forced her to wear
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    Ether Rukia From Bleach or Misa from Death Note.

    My 3rd choice tho would be Shrio "The Crazy Side Of Her" from Dead Man Wounder Land.

    Also this feels more like a "Would you have a date with a fictional character" just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
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    Because of the Big....Red Dress right

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    As much as I'd like to date a Chloe Frazer (character in the Uncharted games), I just couldn't. I have a huge line drawn between fantasy and reality I never dare cross, hell even the fact play WoW is like a deep dark secret to me lol.

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    Would i do it?

    Will i tell you which one i have in mind?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenixdown View Post
    Yep, Asuka from Evangelion. /drool
    This. 10 chars.

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    #3 Taiga from Toradora <3

    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
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    You have good taste sir haha reading the manga atm!

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    Sheesh I'd take those odds, cosplay or no cosplay.

    As for who, heck if I know, but it'd probably be a human character. No fetishes for blue skinned smurf people here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turkey One View Post
    Yeah if Jessica Nigiri was the one cosplaying the character. Don't care what character they're cosplaying at that point
    Pretty much!

    If I had to pick a character... probably either Rukia from Bleach or Ada Wong from Resident Evil. Or... my Avatar. Temari from Naruto.

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    I would go with slaanesh from warhammer 40k. But only in her/his/its female form.
    If not that, i guess jaheira from Bg series could do.

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    misty from pokemon

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    Kakashi Hatake all the way and he can keep the mask on

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    Uhh... no. Maybe you should spend less time playing video games if you're developing a physical attraction to your pixel characters.
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    I wouldn't even have a problem with that in reality. If s/he' into that, it might actually make for an interesting date (maybe not a first date though).

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    Hell to the yes, it would be nice if we hit it off to continue the dating, but either way: yes.

    My selections would be: either the Cultist from Mr. Culexus' art because she is freaking adorable, or a legal Nodoka Miyazaki from Negima.
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