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    I don't get it. Would I go on a date with someone in a costume? I guess so, depends on the person.

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    On a slightly more serious note, I'm assuming this includes them acting just like the character too? Because if so, I'd love to take a stab at someone doing Lanfear from Wheel of Time. My reasons include that one, a sadly low amount of people seem to have read Wheel of Time, so it's unlikely I'd run into someone that realizes I'm on a cosplay date, something I'm not into in the slightest. Two, if she pulled off the personality, I can't imagine a more seductive experience that would leave me satisfied but too wary for a repeat.

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    I regularly date cosplayers O_o
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    I would have to go haruno, 18 obv. The pink gets to me for some reason...

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    God no, fucking 3DPD would ruin them and make them impure. No thanks. I'll keep my glorious 2D husbando, thank you very much.

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    If they acted like the person they dressed as then sure.

    There is a few I would want to go on a date with but probably Shana from Shakugan No Shana, she is cute and not a push over.
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