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Thread: 4th Spec Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windfury View Post
    Shaman have been crying/begging to be able to tank since vanilla, that one's a no brainer - can't see how people are saying they don't know what the shaman one should be. It would guarantee all my monies if they gave us one tbh.
    Earthbender <3

    Maybe give us a reason to use some agi staves that are floating about. They could make all AP convert to spell power, and could be a ranged/spell based tank spec perhaps?

    Or could just be a badass earth based melee tank.
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    It cannot happen because there's only so many ways a rogue can stealth and stab.

    Also, gC said it won't happen due to balance concerns.
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    Some sort of Caster Pally, I suppose. Like Jtree said about a Shockadin spec. Templar seems pretty interesting, advancing in holy magic, yet at the cost of abandoning traditions for new ways to fight demons and undead, and even other evils in the world.

    Holy lightning? Fudge yeah! "Crazy" cultist paladin!
    By Blizzard Entertainment:
    Part of the reason is that Battlegrounds are like ducks.
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    Awesome ideas!!!

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    Give hunters a "jungle spec" focused on self healing, enhancing abilities with jungle venoms and guerilla combat.

    That's all i've ever wanted added.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    It cannot happen because there's only so many ways a rogue can stealth and stab.

    Also, gC said it won't happen due to balance concerns.
    New class incoming.....

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    Death Knight - Necromancer - obviously, uses INT plate, pet based ranged dps, has been said, needs to be done
    Druid - x
    Hunter - Beast Lord - Rexxar style beast master dual wield + pet tank
    Mage - Chronomancer - time healer
    Monk - Hopewielder - Chi-Ji ranged dps
    Paladin - Witch Hunter/Inquisitor - uses crossbows/guns/bows, Agility on weapons only converts into spellpower, uses ret style inquisition and holy-empowered shots ranged dps
    Priest - Cleric/Lightbearer - Holy dps spec I suppose.
    Rogue - Field Medic - we have enough leather tanks, i'd like to see a SWtOR operative style medic for a rogue spec, sneaking around the battle field healing allies not with magic but with advanced bandages and stuff
    Shaman - Earthwarder - Earth based tank spec obviously.
    Warlock - Deamon Hunter -No reason why it should be a new class. Duel wield swords/daggers or staves, int converts to attack power, gains no attack power from any other source. Tank or mdps maybe split like pre-mop feral
    Warrior - Assault - I liked the idea of a SWtOR Trooper-style ranged dps spec uses guns/bows/crossbows agi on weapons converts to attack power, uses explosives/bombs/grenades and the likes.

    Or, to keep pure specs pure
    Hunter - Beast Lord - Melee dps spec rexxar style
    Mage - Battlemage - melee dps
    Rogue - Ranger - spec uses guns/bows/crossbows, would be perfect, ranger fans can get over 'PETLESS HUNTER SPEC PLZ'
    Warlock - Demon Hunter - melee dps only

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    If Blizzard introduces 4th spec IMHO, they need to introduce PVP Specs that cannot PVE effectively (in dungeons however it can), but are armed with escapes, sneakyness, cooldowns, burst to make a superb PVP spec
    Also, I think it is important to keep pure classes, pure, so IMHO NO healer hunter/mage/lock, nor tank rogue/lock.

    Death Knight - Really, no Idea

    Druid - ಠ__ಠ

    Hunter - Marksman becomes completely petless, and is transformed in a Pure Physical Ranged DPS
    4th Spec, SPELLBOW Ranged Magical DPS
    A petless DPS Spec that revolves around comboing magical shots together to get extra effects. Deals only arcane damage.
    COULD use Int bows or just convert agility into spellpower.

    Mage - SPELLBREAKER, A *MELEE* PVP damage class that revolves around interrupts, magical wards and shields and reflected spells to revel in PVP combat. uses int gear and a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other, has an edge against casters.

    Monk - SKYDANCER (the name comes from Jtree, I really liked it), a ranged martial artist that deals damage by projecting palms and invoking spirit fire to sear and batter enemies, its style includes a dance that spawns fire feathers for every second it channels consuming chi per second, and then launching them at the same time to the enemy for great bursts of damage, deals a mix of physical and magic damage and uses spellpower and int gear, like any caster.

    Paladin - ZEALOT, the return of dual wielding DPS palas, YAY! this relentless holy warrior will stop at nothing to enact justice upon everyone, emphasis on movement speed and quick holy strikes.

    Discipline becomes a Ranged DPS spec that deals holy damage and some healing (much less than the actual healing as it is a DPS spec now) rotation revolves around bonus damage while another spell is in effect, think glyph of smite.

    4th spec. DUSKWARDER, A Healer class that shields allies from damage while also healing their wounds, can also redirect damage or extend the duration and power of the shield by comboing spells. (it is just a shadow themed discipline spec.)

    Rogue - STALKER, As with the Spellbreaker this class is meant for PVP, and revolves around sneakyness, resetting, openings, poisons and evasion spells to bring down oponents in PVP, this class is not meant to PVE eficiently.

    Shaman - EARTH WARDER, a Tank spec that causes tremors to taunt enemies and can redirect damage in whole areas to himself or totems, in order to protect others, Uses strength gear, and one hand and shield

    Warlock - Demonology now has no metamorphosis, IMHO a dumb idea for a demonology warlock, now much more emphasis on summoning shittons of demons to deal damage.

    4th spec. DEMON HUNTER, a Melee dual wielding DPS spec that revolves around a mechanic similar to crit *Demon Strike* that deals shadow damage but also saves a portion of de damage and unleashes it in a heavy hitting abilities while in metamorphosis, you should see high crits as with destro. uses int gear.

    Warrior - *This idea is a little incomplete* FENCER or DUELIST, a class meant for PVP (like stalker and spellbreaker) that in contrast to spellbreaker revolves around parrying and evading damage from melee atackers to bring down its foe with quick one handed strikes, has an edge against melee atackers. This class can only use one handed weapons and no shield or relic.

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    I would looooove a battlemage/spellbreaker. Using an arcane enchanted weapon and shield. Could be a tank or dps.

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