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    Help Our Warlock?


    Small guild, trying to recruit good players...don't want to educate new members, but don't mind pointing them in right directions...


    Any date 4-23-13 onward. "Illmatter" is the Warlock in question.

    Don't play Warlock; never will. Any quick references to something(s) that might help him? He seems situationally aware (ie doesn't die to bad stuff), but his DPS is obviously lacking compared to a Warlock we recently lost.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    From what I can see he has 2 major problems. 1. His dots have a far too low uptime. They should have almost 100% on fights like Iron Qon, Twin consorts and Dark Animus yet he is around 80-90% or less. The second issue I can see is the lack of malefic grasp channeling. He has a far too low uptime on that as well (15% on Dark Animus? 35% on Iron Qon? o.o wut?) and I don't know how he does that without just staring at the boss without doing anything for a bit... If he fixes those issues he should do a bit better dps as affliction.

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    as stated above ^^ .. seems his uptime is low

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    I feel like he might want to shift some of his Haunt usage into SB:Soul Swap, at least for now to get his DoT uptimes better. Encourage him to Malefic Grasp as much as possible and not to cast Haunt when he's about to have to refresh his DoTs. As a general rule, if you haven't just refreshed Unstable Affliction, you don't want to cast Haunt until you have, as those just about line up in terms of duration/cast time.

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    Rather than repeating what people are saying and speculating about who is what and where and when, I can log on Moonrunner tonight and check to see if he or Action is online.

    I used to be on your server, I was the raid leader of Nocturnal (Femto). We're on Stormrage now and have been raiding 25s for 6 or 7 weeks. Commies and I are glad to see that you guys are still kickin' it back home. If you guys want, I can CR over and spend some time with the guy. I'm not claiming to be an utterly amazing warlock, but I am far above average and am sure I can help him.

    Also, his reforging is way, way wrong. We can fix this tonight. PM me if you want my RID.

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    Checking logs further, a few things look wrong. For starters, his opener is complete poop. We can work with him on this too if you'd like.
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