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    Recommendations for a solid Alliance server?

    I've been playing playing on the Horde forever. I want to create an Alliance toon from scratch on a new server since my server has a near non-existent Alliance community.

    Here's what I'm looking for.

    - US (preferably EST, but not really much of a concern)
    - High Population
    - Stable Market
    - Very active PVP community (with at least a decent PVE comm)
    - Relatively even faction distribution
    - Server type ie. PVP, PVE doesn't matter

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    Kel'thuzard or stormrage imo

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    While its true that Stormrage is an active alliance server, he did specify 2 things:

    -Very active pvp community
    -Even faction distribution

    Neither of which Stormrage has. Plus you wouldn't enjoy the 800 people queue.

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