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    Arathi Basin and Heroic Leap

    Now I know HL is far from reliable, the slightest incline in terrain or a wee pebble in your way will prevent you from crashing down upon your enemies to carve their face up.The lack of this ability can be a huge inconvenience at times, if lucky we manage to somehow HL to an area not best suited for us at that moment in time rather than on top our target, but are forced to use it anyway to hopefully escape death or secure a kill.

    BUT, the roads in AB leading from Mines to Stable, Mines to Farm, Stable to LM and Farm to LM, if travelling in an upwards direction are quite literally impossible to HL up. Not even a little hop is achievable as you are forever presented with that little red circle of doom and no path available constantly flashing on your screen while THAT class kites you up THAT hill till the cows come home (providing your charge/banners are on cd). Blink and displacer beast can both be used in those situation with no interference from the ground. I just despair sometimes, and noticed the use or rather the lack of HL is especially noticeable in that bg.

    Needs a fix. No bg should render an ability useless when you need it the most, just saying.

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    I agree it does need fixing.

    Workaround: Don't solo defend Mine.
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    Fight on the flags. Whoever you're chasing is a chicken. Let them run away. The win is more important than the KB.

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    use to have a lot of problems like this with blink, think its fixed now but so many times you would blink and end up in the same place because of a small change in the terrain, i dont play a warrior, but hopefully they fix it, i know how annoying it is when spells like that bug out all the time
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    I think it's on purpose to stop us being able to heroic leap up ledges, height difference and what not. Very frustrating, fighting up (towards alliance) in Twin Peaks is awful for the same reason.
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    People need to not always compare HL to Blink though.

    Blink is a teleportation of the Character model from point A-B, whereas HL is a complete animation from point A-B.
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    The same 'problem' exists with Demonic Leap. I mean you do get a little leap, but it's literally not worth casting because the range is that small when moving uphill. It also suffers from the 'I CAN FLY!' problem, where if you jump in some spots and then cast it while in the air, you'll just jump straight up instead of ahead.

    Both HL and DL use the same mechanics, but one is obviously targeted and the other isn't. Thus, they both suffer from the same problems. It's unfortunate, but I can only begin to imagine the amount of calculations these abilities have to go through (and the sheer amount of code to go with it). Both abilities work 90% of the time, but it's the 10% of the time they don't work that we notice, because it's usually those times we really need it to work.

    As for the Warrior side of things, perhaps try running back down, then up the other side of the hill, and then leaping to them when they give chase. It's not a clean solution obviously, but it's something to consider.

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    People need to not always compare HL to Blink though.

    Blink is a teleportation of the Character model from point A-B, whereas HL is a complete animation from point A-B.
    Not to mention Blink is (or was) defeated by doorways and stairs.

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    hi guys, blizzard's bug forum this way ---> next topic please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthaxx View Post
    Not to mention Blink is (or was) defeated by doorways and stairs.
    Still kinda is, if you're unlucky with how you position. It's much better than it used to be, but could still do with some polishing just like Heroic Leap could.

    I've always found it interesting how you get the dreaded lack of path message with Heroic Leap for the smallest incline, but I can use it to get into the windows of the Alliance side of Dalaran from the street. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vzz View Post
    hi guys, blizzard's bug forum this way ---> next topic please
    Thanks forum police, but it's hardly bugged. There's limits implemented on it to prevent exploitation of ledges (although you still can take advantage of some).

    Really what you wanted to say was

    "hi guys, blizzard's enhancement forum this way ---> next topic please", also disappointed you forgot the link.

    HL needs more love with regard to terrain differences like charge received.
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    Blizzard's stance on things like this is that it's the player's responsibility to recognize a place where they can or cannot get a HL off. Same deal with Blink, and that thing has been "bugged" for a very long time.

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    its a frustrating ability more often than not.
    I really only use it to make separations on flat terrain to use my charge again for the rage. try pairing it with fears and Staggering Shout to get better use from it in PvP.
    As an escape technique, I find it unreliable when most needed.
    Lastly, if you keep the above mentioned in mind, and don't let yourself get 'trapped' on terrain where there is no escape, you might not need to rely on it as much, however, this does not clear up the fact that the ability itself needs a mechanical overhaul with some restrictions lifted on its use. I submitted a Blizzard forum post several months ago which turned into a rage-fest and the post was deleted, just saying in reply to "hi guys, blizzard's bug forum this way ---> next topic please "
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    Its not just AB. Its like this everywhere... Sometimes on completly flat ground. Sometimes theres a single grain of sand in the way... Other times its a bush or just a slight incline. I hardly ever use it for its functionality because of its reliability. I just use it to move around faster. Or in combination with a charge to get across an area very quickly, provided theres not pollen in the wind to block its path...

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Do you guys have plans on making Heroic leap usable up hills? Like leaping up a hill to peel seems pretty heroic yes?
    It's just a technical limitation because people were leaping up walls and out of BGs. #thisiswhyyoucanthavenicethings
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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