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    Is a Warrior what i'm after?

    I'm returning to the game after a couple months break, and i'm looking to try something that i've not really done, which is RBG's.

    I'll be leveling with my girlfriend, so we'll both be starting a new, supported with money & looms, and i've settled on playing a Flag Carrier in RBG's, while i'm not new to tanks (Main being an Feral (Now guardian) Druid in raids) i have no understanding as to what people perceive as the best Flag Carrier in RBG's, so i thought i'd come here for a bit of information.

    While i do understand that druids have the ability to shift out of roots again, and this makes them a strong candidate for flag carrying, i'm not sure if this outweighs the mobility that the warrior has also.

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    Warriors are going to be completely useless in RBG's once 5.3 hits. FCing was basically the only viable role a Warrior can perform and now that tank specs are getting an additional debuff for carrying a flag only makes it better for something like a feral druid or demo lock to carry the flag instead.

    If you still want to FC, I would stick with your druid.
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    What Ryan Cailan Ebonheart said.
    In 5.3 warrior is no go for RBGs.......
    It was like start of mob after month of trying get groups as fury or arms i gaved up went FC.
    Patch comes out its end of pvp for me....... I dont like 3s. And 2v2 is unplayable besides conquest cap.

    If u want to play RBGs stick with drood. MAke yourself Feral + boomking specs and your good to go. You can FC and you can go oomking that people always need for sunbeam.
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    The current state of RBG's is basically nothing but casters/ranged. Melee really doesn't have a solid place.. unless you are a DK/target caller. Sadly it's rough but its true.

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    Definitely don't roll a warrior if you want to do RBG's.. Or arena for that matter.. or anything really..

    Currently an arms warrior in pvp is just a Poor Man's DK/Rogue. No decent RBG takes one, and even losing RBG teams that just want to cap will be hesistant to take a warrior since a rogue/DK bring so much more. If you want to RBG as fury, absolutely noone will want you. It will be even worse in 5.3 when WW monk and enhancement shammys get good buffs, and all warrior get is a laughable on demand 5% instant health increase that will do nothing when every class can crit for 50-60k+ even with the pvp power changes. The SW change from 5 to 3 min is cool but its still 3 min for only 50% damage reduction compared to DK and other melees cooldowns and you have to have a shield on which means you won't be putting out any pressure.

    Warriors will be the worst class in pretty much all aspects of the game in 5.3, aside from PVE tanking.

    Honestly, roll a monk. MW monks are OP at the moment and going to be even more powerful with the Nimble Brew change. WW monks are also going to be alot better with the damage increase along with ROP being better against casters then melee. WW Monks kind of feel and play like a warrior anyway, but with updated, more fun talents and alot more fun. Also a BrM isn't a bad flag carrier at all, it's just that there's only like.. 2-3 a server if that. But they have the tools to compete.
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    eh....I dunno, I personally, have heard mixed things about warriors. However, I must say that as far as pvp goes, warriors were quite decent/good (well...up to the next patch..that's about it lol). Despite this, I agree with the others who have posted. Warrior's were good, but are now becoming, as you could say "less versatile" then they once were. You are indeed most likely better off with something else

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    PVP will be dead for me once 5.3 hits. I will NEVER play some dress-wearing, Nancy-boy Harry Potter pussy, which seems to be Blizzards preference for both PVE and PVP, and other than maybe one rogue for smokebomb and maybe 1 DK for Gorefiends Grasp there is no room for melee in RBGs.

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    Until blizzard pulls their heads out of ghostcrawlers butt then all melee for patch 5.3 except the ones Skarrssen stated will be out of luck.

    If you want a heavy hitter then your choices are as follows

    Frost mage, Fire Mage, Destro Lock, Shadow priest, BM hunter (this might change with patch, but since a lot of the burst is till there it may not)

    Other than that you can probably expect to see the rise of monk healers as well as the current top dogs, Priests.


    I think you will see a rise in healing druid FCs. Possible ferals and maybe just maybe arms warriors with defensive setups (this is like a snowballs chance in hell sort of chance almost, you just lose so much when your not prot)

    I think its to early to tell how this damage debuff is going to effect anything. Tank classes already take 25% more damage in rbgs like everyone else, and with the pvp power changes and resi increase who knows. You can PTR it all you want and speculate like I have but the end facts are, until 5.3 hits its to early to assume anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skarssen View Post
    I will NEVER play some dress-wearing, Nancy-boy Harry Potter pussy
    well.. you are what you eat.

    Other than that i think that is the best description of a "magic-user" I have ever heard. *kudos*

    I think they will work on making RBG's not strictly a casters format... But until then I'd just say play what you like the most and enjoy it!

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