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    hmmm are priests healers still pretty dominant?

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    People seem to categorize Disc spec as the -tank healer/single target- healing spec. And Holy as the -Aoe- healing spec.

    Personally I prefer Disc, although, recently the healing style has changed due to the 'Atonement' ability that turns certain spells that damage an enemy in healing. The spec sort of has an identity crisis imo, although once you work around the clunkiness of the Atonement mechanic it's actually pretty fun. It's fun as a healer to out dps the dps! Hehe, thus is why they're nerfing atonement for next patch.

    I've been Disc since BC, I've never thoroughly tried Holy, though the experiences I have had with it are that it seems to have way more mechanics and spells. A guildy though only swears by a few spells.

    At the end of the day chose what spec feels most natural/fun for you. A slogan I've learned is that a healer comfortable with his/her spec is better than one not comfortable with his/her spec due to choosing what the "best" spec is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coreana View Post
    hmmm are priests healers still pretty dominant?
    Oh yes, I see them topping the charts quite often.

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    I've been Disc since BC, I've never thoroughly tried Holy,
    So you was Disc when the spec was literally worthless?

    I don't know why people say that, unless it's true. The spec didn't really actually exist until the Wrath patch, so if you were Disc in TBC, why? The only reason to put points into Disc was for Divine Spirit and have a 23/38 build. Otherwise it was a flat out 19/41 build in Holy for Circle of Healing.

    In TBC, Disc was literally a semi dps-semi hybird bird. There was no emphasis on absorbs and you were kinda expected to Smite in raids and *try* to heal. And that's when you was brought. In TBC, when my priest was my main, I tried Disc when I first hit 70 and soon hit a brick wall where even heroic 5 mans didn't want me. I soon learnt my lesson and went Holy, lol.


    To be constructive, it depends on how you play. I've always disliked the way Disc plays since it was created (In wrath...), because I simply don't like absorbs. So I've always pulled better results as Holy, even when Disc was/is considered OP.

    Try both and see what you feel most comfortable with after a few heroics. Good luck. ^^
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    Start playing disc, it's way more easier to play for a dps player like you and it suits your itemization more (since shadows stack a lot of haste then crit).

    Do a spi>crit>mastery reforge on your gear and you're set to go (maybe one healing trinket might help).

    Start with atonement spam (penance/solace on cd then smite as a filler).

    Get used to 12sec rapture cd and PW:Shield around (preferably tanks to have it absorbed) to keep your mana up.

    You'll be choosing a proper lvl90 talent for the burst heal required in some phases and combining it with archangel(preferably halo or cascade most of the time - this might change in 5.3).

    When you get used to huge aoe burst phases of bosses, start using your spirit shell synchronised with their timers. Like emphasizing Horridon's Dire Call on heroic (emphasize it around 17-18 seconds on bigwigs so you'll have a decent amount of time to use the spirit shell before the huge dmg hits). For spirit shell purposes, macro all your stuff into one button so it's easier to pop them all up at the same time (inner focus, archangel, spirit shell maybe even power infusion), and when the big dmg hits, you can pop your lvl 90 talent with the last few seconds of archangel left. Apply spirit shell to as much people you can using Prayer of Healing a.k.a PoH.

    Other than these you might wanna use your prayer of mending if there's constant incoming raid dmg, or cast mending before these phases.

    Also use PW:S for triage or when people might get gibbed really fast or they're at low hp or they have huge incoming dmg.

    Pain Suppression and Power Word: Barrier are your raidwide/single cooldowns, use them wisely.

    tldr; spam atonement, pop spirit shell and other stuff before there's huge incoming dmg, pw:s/mending around if necessary, rinse and repeat, you can't go wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightmist View Post
    tldr; spam atonement, pop spirit shell and other stuff before there's huge incoming dmg, pw:s/mending around if necessary, rinse and repeat, you can't go wrong.
    Which is why it is not a suitable spec to try out healing, if you go straight to disc form a dd spec you only "learn" to play the part of it that people constantly whine about. Basically like shadow in BC (if you where a good player).

    Better start out with holy or a druid or shaman and try disc later, that way after you spent time on it you will know why it plays the way it does instaed of just repeating what how others believe it should be played without thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    Holy is probably the easiest healer spec in the game to play. Just hit PoM, CoH and Cascade when they come up and you can't go wrong really. If everyone is dying use Hymn.
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    This is really hard, as the specs totally differ and have a completely different philosophy: Disc pre-heals with absorbs (in general, always), while Holy heals after damage has been dealt and also leaves a hot with his/her mastery based on the amount healed.

    I suggest to read noxxic's short guides on both specs (their reactivity needed and the way they heal) and giving it a shot in heroics. Do not limit yourself to 1 or 2 runs. Run 5-6 with each spec (provided you know the dungs already). It shouldn't be a problem if you as you said have friends playing with you.

    Disc will seem easier in the dungs.

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    Disc is far easier, but Holy is a lot more fun.

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    For 5 mans, Holy is the more forgiving class as its less dependent on shielding (unpredictable). If you sit in Serenity, you get a strong Swiftmend. Spread Renew around, bubble the tank, pop CoH and Flash Heal when you need and you should be all set.

    For raiding, Holy is not as great a choice, partly due to Disc being tuned better for AoE healing. Holy AoE healing consists of a lot of spells, a lot of which must be timed to get reasonable usage out of them (CoH, PoH, PoM w/ Talent, Holy Word: Sanctuary, Lightwell). Proactive shielding becomes very reliable coupled with the ability to throw strong PoHs around as well ass good Spirit Shell usage makes Disc very strong in raids.

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    LFR depending if your are lazy go Disc
    Spam Holy Fire/Solace on CD > Penance on CD > Smite > PW:S tank once in a while > Fiend when there is hero and early in the fight for maximize DPS or Mindbender on CD. No need for any other spell, for LFR i even got a macro with a cast sequence so i spam 1 button. I can do LFR with me eye's closed or through remote desktop @ work. (loads of screen lag)

    No effort still 1st to 3rd on healing done and between 15th and 20th on dps.

    Normal raids, Disc can help progression alot.
    It does damage and healing, absorbs are usefull and Barrier is pretty strong (if you can stack).
    Time your SS, if played well Disc is very Dominant in raids.

    Disc improved in playstyle since 5.2 when playing normally unlike the bored lfr macro i actually use spells.

    But since MoP i still prefer to play Holy spec its just more fun to play with.

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