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    I've hit 80, lost

    Hi all, I've been levelling my Thief and hit 80 on it today.

    I looked around for similar threads but lots of them on the official forums are out of date, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now though so I need your help

    My gear is garbage, most items between 70 and 80 but nothing at 80.

    What ways can I obtain gear? I'm not *that* interested in WvW so PvE focused suggestions are better.

    I'm guessing I shouldn't touch Fractals until I get a full set of "good" gear, right? Can I do all the other dungeons + explorables? Is it recommended or a waste of time compared to other options?

    Someone said I should do gathering runs for resources, can I not do those areas alone or do I need to be in a large party for it?

    Thanks for reading o/

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    You can do everything in this game in green lvl 80 gear. (masterwork gear)

    I suggest you start with that first, it's really cheap (around 4s a piece and the stats are not that far behind exotic). Gear has little meaning unless you want to min/max. Once you buy your green 80 gear of whatever stats you want you can focus on exp dungeons, fractals (you can do fine in fractals without agony resist till around lvl 20sih), and you can focus on dynamic event chaining in Orr to get karma to buy exotic gear from the vendors.

    But it really comes down to what do you want to do in the game? And you do it and you are rewarded for your current level (which is 80) so do whatever you feel like playing.

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    To add something, go see the major events, you know, dragons, wurm, golem etc. Get gear from there (usually it's stuff your level or close to it) or if it's not useful sell it and get gear you can use from auction house. You can also do dungeons and get the tokens for the gear from there.

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    We have a thread about this subject right on the front page here. With a number of responses.


    -- Fencers

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