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    i'm looking for veteran insight on a class for my first twink

    wall of text inc. and it's basically help me pick a twink class but, you know, presented with love and candor so that maybe you'll reciprocate.

    i play my spriest. love him. i really dig farming old instances and raids. i also love aoe farming current content with him.

    but, you know, he's max just about everything so it's time for a twink. the problem is i'm a wow noob. i'm average with my priest but that's the only class i've ever played.

    i've done a ton of research. read lots of forums. used google. checked out class sites. stared at talent trees until i'm blind.

    but, i thought, maybe i'd appeal to the masses who have knowledge and experience.

    a bullet list for your consumption:

    • i want to grind old instances and raids. i love looking at old models and revisting old zones.
    • aoe is a must. the wall of yellow text pleases me immensely.
    • i'm not trying to farm gold or mats.
    • being super efficient isn't important. drinking or healing between pulls doesn't bother me.
    • run speed bonuses would be killer. i spend so much time in dungeons and i just burn through swiftness potions because it seems like i'm crawling.
    • some passive healing would be nice so i can concentrate on dps tunnel vision. lulz.
    • i'd gear my baby up boe epics and valor gear. maybe some lfr i'm i'm not terribad. i'd blow gold to give my baby every advantage.

    the wall of yellow text is key. i'm really after something that's fun and that's super fun for me. i'm not trying to get rich farming old things but i really enjoy pulling obscene trains.

    anywho, i'd appreciate any thoughts. please and thanks ~

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    I'm not really sure what you're trying to ask here. From what I gather, you're trying to make a lvl 70 twink? If so, for aoe and healing, I think you're best bet would be a Blood Death Knight. Mage's Seem to be the best for Aoe damage, although I hear Shamans are nice for aoe plus they can heal. Dk's are also the best "farmers" since they do high damage and have high passive healing abilities. GL.

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    I think you mean an alt, right? If you're bringing it to 90, then here's my advice.

    I'd suggest Monk. Great movement for running those boring long distances in the dungeons/raids, great for soloing old content
    (especially the tank spec Brewmaster, but even the healing spec Mistweaver works).
    For run speed you would have Roll, and you can enhance it further with talents or get Tiger's Lust.
    You'd also have Flying Serpent Kick as the dps, Windwalker.

    The AoE is really simple with Spinning Crane Kick learned at level 46 (compare that to your Priest, who didn't get Mind Sear until 76!).
    It does great damage and has an, in my opinion, great animation.
    You'd also get a great looking cleave; Storm, Earth and Fire.

    Some passive healing as Windwalker comes from the level 30 talents, and you'd also have Expel Harm,
    a 15 second cooldown that heals you and deals some damage to a nearby enemy.

    On top of this, as a Brewmaster you'll be able to solo lots of harder old raids.
    I think they're comming close to competing with Death Knights as the top solo class now!
    They'll summon healing orbs around them for some extra self heals as well.
    An added bonus is that you can use the same gear for both the DPS spec and the tank spec.

    Good luck with your choice!
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