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    How terrible the bad side of WoW's Voice Acting and Writing is

    Hello everyone,

    A few days back now I created a video that took a decent amount of time to make, and I've been surprised that everyone that's wrote back to me regarding the video has agreed and think that this is a relatively serious problem and they'd like Blizzard to have a look at ways of fixing this. While the response has been positive, the video still hasn't got a lot of views. My goal with this video is for it to viewed by a larger amount of people so that there is more chance of Blizzard taking notice of it. Yes, I have posted this on the official wow forums as well. The reason for posting it here is because I know that great discussion happens here, and not so much on the wow forums.

    My argument for why this is a serious thing is that, while I don't think the majority of people notice this problem, I certainly do, and I think more and more people are starting to notice it. I honestly think it takes away from the soul of a boss, when every boss apart from major expansion villains could be the same boss if we just read their quotes and didn't see what they look like.

    This video has just a few examples and there are lots and lots more. Trust me, I looked at every boss in the game on wowpedia about 3 times to make this video. Please keep in mind that the reason I am the one that made this video is because I'm very interested and enthusiastic about voice acting, and I love WoW's voice acting and voice variation, for the most part. I'm not just ripping on it for the sake of it, I really care about it, so this is in no way an attempt to troll.

    Skip ahead to the 'consume' part if you'd like to see the worst of it, people seem to like that part.

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    So, what should bosses say to taunt us?
    I can see what you see not - vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn, they will be gone - whispering their hidden song...

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    Pretty funny! I think you missed a good opportunity to also show which boss each line is attributed to though. They're so throwaway most of the time I don't even bother to pay attention during fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubbl3 View Post
    So, what should bosses say to taunt us?
    "YOu have no life"

    "What are you accomplishing by killing me"

    "This "Loot" will be useless next patch"

    "You could have done something productive today"

    "Have you showered this week?"

    "This is the 13th time i see you today, take a break"

    Am I done yet? Probably not...

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    You already have this posted in the videos/screenshots thread (stickied). So closing this as it doesn't need to be here.
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