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eh, I take everything from the RPG books with a grain of salt, as one should. But as it is written, the dragonsworn clearly serve their flight above everything else, and those are neutral through and through, because they don't really concern themselves with mortal matters.

The thing is, although they could serve Alliance/Horde, that loyalty would and should be superseded by the one to their flight in every case if it came to, and that just doesn't seem right. As I said previously, a class should have enough alignment leeway to be either; and the dragonsworn lore is just too restrictive in that sense.
Don't get me wrong I understand that this is a problema but, explain me again how the Dragon Aspects are different from the Cenarion Circle?

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please not another lets make a new class because i think it is neat thread....................
far from it, but nice try lol

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These are certainly creative, but some flaws with this.

A. Green dragonsworn are Druids.
B. Bronze essentially can't be trusted long term because they become the infinite dragon flight.
C. So, that leaves Red, Black, and Blue. They should wear INT plate all use mana and second resourses.
D. Red heals, black tanks, blue ranged. Make them kinda like Dragoons.
E. Hero class have them start at lvl 80
These are some very interesting points that I need to adress.
A. yeah but no but yeah but no... I dunno, I think just like there are Paladins and Priests working both for the Holy Light there could be druids and dragonsworns working for Ysera. I honestly dunno at this point, but I like to think there can be two shades of green .
B. Now we both know that is preconception =P
C. I want dragonsworn to use int mail because INT plate is already in my battlemage concept
D. I think this point is covered as it is anyway =)
E. I do want them to be hero class! XD