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    World of Warcraft making fun of me...

    Hello lads, today, after my third run on shaman to Molten Core, i felt a bit frustrated, happy and angry at same time...

    Like a "corrupt a wish" game. Want a Thunderfury? Sure, but you won't be able to equip it.

    Did MC runs on DK, no luck.
    Did first run on shaman, bam, left bidding, did third run on shaman, bam, right bidding.

    + I got one bidding on my rogue on its FIRST run

    Now, the question is, did they increase drop rate for it, or WoW is just making fun of me?

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    Don't feel bad it took me almost 2 years and quitting wow a few times to get my thunderfury "before I finally quit"

    RNG is RNG and it sucks.

    a buddy of mine got both bindings and the eye in 2 runs....at that time I had around 50 under my belt.
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    I feel like they have increased it. My warlock got both bindings in one run, and I've gotten the left binding 3 weeks in a row after that. I also went on my monk to get some fiery cores and the right binding dropped. So I've had 6 bindings drop over the last month.

    But who knows, maybe we both hit a strange patch of luck.

    It's also worth mentioning that this was my warlocks first MC since the beginning of Wrath and that I've never actively sought Thunderfury.
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    so you are complaining that you did ten runs and dont have thunderfury yet? Some here ran into MC years before seeing it.

    edit: also why would they increase it, going through there already got way faster.

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    Sudden urge to hit up MC... Got the right binding in my bank but never got the left one.

    (have two eyes though, which rocks since I'm a warlock >_< )
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    Finally got my left half of thunderfury last weekend. Got the first half in 2006 and have been running MC almost every week since then. Think I should have a rep level higher than exalted!

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    On my rogue I've been farming bindings for more than 2 year , almost every reset (more than 100 kills ? ) and haven't seen left binding yet....I love rng!

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