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    Question Justice / Honor points

    As a PvP player I had my share of farming bg's etc. Finally geared, happy me.

    So I figured I'd go do something PvE with my offspec, converting excess honor to JP. Turns out the JP gear is quite bad? And as far as I know there isn't a JP trade goods guy for MoP stuff like the one in Orgrimmar (Could be wrong, just haven't found him yet).

    So basically, what do I do with my JP / Honor now? I've got all heirloom pieces, so that's not an option...

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    Convert to honor and buy motes.

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    you know that you can upgrade your heirlooms to a higher level?.
    have a look at the ah and see what cata mats are worth. might be worth while just buying mats and selling.
    or as said above, buy motes.

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    It's kind of a bummer how useless JP are, I usually just buy mats and head to the AH.

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    or if you're enchanter - buy any 1250 honor offpieces and de them for crystals
    or buy those tbc (?) offhand daggers for 105 honor and vendor them all , gives around 600g / honor cap

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