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    Any more games like this? F2p?

    Anyone know of similar games?
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    Pretty fun, good time waster. You "CAN" spend money but you really don't have to. I am level 40 in it with mythics and have never spent a dime.

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    Online Cardgames? Cardgame video games even if single player only? "Like this" is very vague. Bare in mind, card games have different rules for each game, some more similar to Hearthstone, some fairly distant.

    First one that comes to mind is obviously Magic the Gathering: Online, but you have to buy packs in that. IIRC Duel of the Planeswalker costs to buy the game but no cost for cards (unlocked ingame, no packs).

    Yu Gi Oh Online, IIRC, is free, it's the one my GF plays and from what I've seen it's quite true to the fun physical cardgame. Also, the DS games are fairly good.

    After that you have things like Everquest's cardgame, etc. I'd honestly recommend doing research into card games and finding one with rules and aesthetic that appeals to you.
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    I don't know if it's still popular, but Magic Workstation was a platform for cardgames, mostly Magic: The Gathering. You have to download a database of cards and can then build a deck out of those (all free) and play, only thing is that it is a bit clunky and the visuals are pretty meh.

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    theres heaps of games going the F2P method.

    There's a whole F2P section on steam that has heaps of games. check it out!
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    I just downloaded Duels of the Planeswalker the other day. Only $10 and you don't have to pay for cards, can unlock them as you play. It's been pretty fun thus far! I used to play Magic back in the day, but a lot of the kids I played with stopped and so I eventually did too, plus it was expensive to keep up with. Duel of Champions looks a bit closer to Hearthstone, I'm downloading that as I type this to try it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ice216 View Post
    I have been playing this on my tablet, it is fun.
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    Couldn't remember the game but finally found it.


    It's very similar to MTG and free.

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    Might and magic duel of champions is pretty good.

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    As I said I started playing Duel of Champions about a week ago, and holy shit that game is so much fun! I'm hooked, have been playing whenever I get some free time. Only downside is some of the duels can go a bit long, I've been in some upwards of 30 minutes. So, you can't necessarily sit down for 15 minutes to bust out a duel. But, if you have some time to spare it's really really fun. I'd recommend people try it out! And feel free to shoot me a friend request if you do. My deck is still fairly weak because I'm not spending any money on it, I'm just buying packs with the gold and seals you get from duels and the campaign. But, even with that I've already been able to buy a box just by completing the first part of the campaign which is 120 cards right there! My name on the game is Ralike if you want to add me. I'm using a Necrotic deck which I'm absolutely loving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Ultima View Post
    Yu Gi Oh Online, IIRC, is free, it's the one my GF plays and from what I've seen it's quite true to the fun physical cardgame. Also, the DS games are fairly good.
    Dueling Network is better. It's fan built but highly accurate, free and you start off with every card in the game - PVP based.

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    Not exactly a pure online card game, but Battleforge is a mix between strategy and a card game where you use cards to spawn minions and use attacks


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    order and chaos on ipad is pretty fun, its free.
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    Check out Mortal Online, it's f2p but with some restrictions.
    Really cool sandbox MMO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hygglo View Post
    Check out Mortal Online, it's f2p but with some restrictions.
    Really cool sandbox MMO!
    Just looked, but you seem to have gotten on the wrong forum by mistake. This thread is looking for CCG's and TCG's, not MMORPG's. Thanks for the suggestion though

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