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    Really really good idea, would love if they did this!

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    Would much rather see an enslaved Ethereal as a non combat pet that has the ability to transmorg/mod gear.

    Make it the reward for doing an extensive quest chain for the Ethereal themselves in which you must catch a Ethereal traitor that sports a T-Rex mount.
    (the mount would be the actual reward but the traitor would be chained to it thus allowing Xmorg and w/e)

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    It'd be pretty cool, but I'd understand if they wanted to keep reforge on the go as a money sink. Engineering does have a lot of nice little perks, and not to mention basically the most useful raid utility abilities.

    Still, considering the style and class of our favorite butler, I could see him getting a visual upgrade just because that's the kind of dresser he is.

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    you got a ah in the city in padaria, now you want a jeves with reforge aswell, some other proffesion should get it, like maybe lw, on leather mail gear, and bs, tail on their respective gear, or inscription could do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    By making it so every swing hits and balancing the damage around that.

    It's really very simple to remove the base dodge/parry/miss nonsense, and from a video game point of view makes little sense anyway. If you're standing behind a stationary target and stab at it with a knife, how likely are you to actually miss? This is crap from tabletop RPGs. It's got no place in a modern, real-time computer game.

    Replace the boring "mandatory" stats with more interesting stats. Critical hit damage, bonuses to specific abilities (shammy gets 1% searing totem damage, hunter gets 1% serpent sting), damage reduction. There is a lot of opportunity there for interesting gear choice, rather than just "get item, reforge/gem/enchant item, wear".
    Unfortunately avoidance mechanisms are necessary from the view of the tank, and so have a place in the game.
    Straight up damage reduction and self healing is all that would be left otherwise, and that would be far less interesting.

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    My two unlikely requests if they added a new "Jeeves" with reforging.

    1) Name him Geoffrey, after the Butler on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    2) Let the Engineer who dropped him retain 1% of the money spent on repairs and mats when others use the bot. It would be nice for engineering to have a way to make money after the first patch of the expansion, and this would help a little. Unlikely, but it would be nice!

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