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    Hunters: Beastmaster: This spec can largely stay the same. Perhaps have a stronger tie in with the pets, giving the Hunter new abilities based on the pet active at the time. Also make it THE ONLY HUNTER SPEC THAT CAN USE A PET.
    Will you stop? Yesterday you wanted to give me a melee spec and now you want to take my pets away.

    I'm sure my raid would be thrilled to hear that I can't bring +attack speed buff to raid anymore when I go Survival. The pets bring enough buff/debuff flexibility that you'd have to go a loooong way to compensate for that loss for a petless spec.

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    I wont comment on the other classes since I dont play them but I really like your mage ideas. The classes do feel quite similar and it is because of the nursing the bomb abilities. The old adage was always "play whatever spec you enjoy" but really all 3 specs are the same, just the colour of the bolts you are firing changes. Your ideas for arcane being a melee/range hybrid kinda like mistweaver monks intrigues me. It would certainly be a way to set that spec apart from any other mage spec and make it really feel unique.

    At first glance my opinion was "no" to the overhaul, but I really like your ideas. I think it could really benefit the class going forward. Sadly Blizz hasnt really stated any intention to overhaul these classes but we will have to stay tuned.

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    Yes! There is no difference between the hunter specs besides names and icons. It was always like this but it's been worse since Mists came out.
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    I can't really speak to rogue or mage, I've not leveled either one enough to make a judgement call.

    I really do feel that BM should have even more pet synergy, perhaps to the point of having off-tank abilities in some fights, and Marks indeed should be petless. Survival works nicely as it is now, though maybe a sv-only trap would be interesting.

    The only other thing I'd drastically alter is getting rid of is readiness completely (and every talent similar to it in other classes). I wouldn't miss it at all.
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