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    Have...Have we met (Flamebreaker meta)

    I'm just one npc away from this achievement, as you may have guessed it's Mankrik. I'm looking for someone who has Mankrik as one of their Protectors to group up so I can finally get this achieve. On a side note, I actually currently, 4/28/13, have Mankrik on my alt, I just can't get the npc to stay while I try to quick log between toons. So if you need Mankrik we can make an exchange.

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    Unrelated, but Mankrik also was the one missing npc that prevented me from getting the meta until about a week ago. Did the daily almost every day since it was implemented.
    So I know that feeling. :<

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    Man I still need Thassarian. If I did those more often I would totally help you out man.

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    Word of advice.. Add the NPC-IDs to _NPCSCAN..

    WHile it doesn't make your NPC spawn, it will alert you, long before you can visually see it, making it easier to /WAVE him...
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    Alliance players have an almost astronomically low chance of getting Mankrik as their follower on that one daily. Likewise for Horde getting Thassarian.

    Keep the daily in your log and check who you get each day.

    If someone from the opposite faction there who might get the NPC as their helper makes it easier, but less people are doing these dailies these days.
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    I wish they would do something about this, I've gotten exalted and done these dailies for the past 2 months and all I have is Chromie and Linken.... I get the same couple every single time.

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    My luck is not improving on this achieve, first I get Mankrik on an alt, next a guy from the WoW forums gets it and the one night I don't log in. Anyone else get it let me know, Caesia#1971

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    i just did this a few days ago. just afk at the roost and do something else (watch tv, play ps3, etc..). set npcscan to alert you when the npc you want comes from another player doing dailies. turn off your music and sound effects, npcscan alert is different than those, you can test the alert to see if it's working.

    I got my last two, nat pagle and mankrik, in like two hours.

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    There is a sticky for cross realm achievements. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...evement-Groups

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