I am playing a Hunter and have spend some time to get nearly BiS set for chalenge modes.
However the group i started them (3/9 the easy 3 atm) is no longer getting together to do them as they are all busy and i can't seem to find ppl with the time to do a Night in a week of 3-4h tries to complete the 9/9 set of golds

I Have gatehred gear with max sockets socketed enchanted apropriately Darkmoon trinket and the next best trinket i believe would be for hunters scaled at that ilvl. Max sockets on Neck, belt, chest, legs, feet. Engeneering helm with it's sockets etc.

So i am coming here in order to look for ppl interested to bring a hunter in their groups or to form a group on our own. I don't rly mind the classes even thou some will be better it should be doable with all so am willing to form a group of nice ppl that can spare to manage 1 day a week for those.
Preferably - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or late Saturday night (wednesday and sunday are raid nights for me atm)

Hunter in speaking can be found at [email protected] EU