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    Need advice.

    Help. I recently did RaF with a friend and we got a few toons to 20-30ish to test the waters, anyway, if we do dungeons we can level up 3-4 times in each but i'm worried about taking him in to them because hes not a good player and hardly pulls any dps. We level very fast outside dungeons just grinding and doing quests so should i just not worry about dungeons?

    He's set on leveling an ele shaman, i'm leveling a second rogue (combat rather than sub) and i completely blow him away dps wise.

    So to wrap it up, should i risk his humiliation in dungeons or just quest to 80(he only has battle chest)?

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    Risk what humiliation? I haven't seen anyone complain about dps in a dungeon until the late 80's. I don't even pay attention to it, myself. That's just too low level to care.

    By 80, though, he should be able to start pulling some reliable numbers, and by 85 definitely shouldn't be sub par, but he's got what? 40 levels to get there? Give it some time. Give him some pointers and explain how some of the passives work for Elemental, like Fulmination and so on.

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    you know not everyone can be super insane dps monsters without training ... you go to dungeons to learn efficiant ways to kill foes, so just do what you want its a game =p

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    Only way he can learn is by doing. Reading guides is all when and good but you need to see it in action.More dungeons he does with you the better he'll get,ignore any complaining and go about helping him.

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