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    [Resto Help] Lei Shen (10-man normal)

    Hey fellow shamans! I'm having the hardest time on healing Lei Shen 10-man normal. I've never been so incapable before!

    Getting people up during the intermission phases where group splits up is the worst part. Eventually I was put in a group that only had two people (the rogue and I), to make up for the fact I couldn't keep up three. =(

    I ended up going for a bit more haste on my gear during intermission...


    Theres my toon!

    in a perfect world I would honestly ditch all my mastery...but the upgrades I've been getting always have it

    I'm going for ~10k spirit > 3.7k+haste (for break point) > crit > mastery.

    Towards the end of the night I started using AG instead of HTT...which helped a bit. Theres also a couple instances where the rogue killed me trying to help out with Cloak of Shadows. <<;


    any tips or tricks for this fight would help alot!

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    My suggestion is don't go in the group with only 2 people, that's actually harder to stay alive than in the group with 3. I barely survive with a group of 3. Other than that, keep up healing rain + stone bulwark totem + healing stream totem + call of the elements can help here if you get back to back static shocks. SLT can be semi-useful if timed correctly. Don't use AG, it's not worth it to drop HTT which you'll need during the other phases. Spam healing surge to keep people topped off.

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    Use earth elemental with Primal Elementalist during transition for the reduced damage taken. Astral Shift can be extremely beneficial during transitions as well.

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    Resto shaman can't reliably solo soak a static shock. Don't be in the group of 2 like kvanslam mentioned.

    One thing I noticed from your WoL is a complete lack of healing surge usage. Lei Shen is only mana intensive in the very last phase.
    Getting people back to full during those intermission phases is key. Use healing surge!

    Also, make sure to riptide and healing wave yourself or others in your quadrant to keep the ancestral vigor buff up. 10% more hp is always useful.
    And those 2 spells have low mana cost. Consider putting earth shield on someone in your quadrant as well.

    Astral Shift is very good if things get hectic and only 2 of you can stack for a shock.

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    If you're having issues with the transitions you can put 1 tank in each quadrant and then 4 people in the other ones. The tanks only get the bouncing balls on their platform and they can easily solo an add if there happens to be 2 balls on theirs. This ensures you have 4 people who can soak on static shock which means no one should ever die from it.

    If you're capable of handling that you might even want to drop a healer. The damage only becomes hard towards the end and an extra dps can shave of some time.
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    I'm confused. How is your group doing quadrants? Going from 3 to 2 will just make you take more damage and shaman dont have great ways to survive it with 2 people. Astral Shift is nice but still not enough. My group hasn't killed it yet but I have no issues with my platform. I just use my inefficient heals depending on the situation because I'm usually 80%+ mana going into it because p1 is such a joke.

    After a static shock with 3 people you will all be at 25-30% health and if you arent topped when its about to go off tell your quadrant to pop their personal defensive cd (or if they have an add beating on them) Keep yourself and your 2 teammates riptided and when static shock hits fire off two HS or GHWs (with tidal waves) and make sure HST is down, you should all be topped before anything dangerous happens again. You can get unlucky but I dont think you should be struggling unless people are someone making it harder on you.

    Also if you're getting bad luck and people arent 100% when the next shock is out , use Spirit Link as well, 10% reduction isnt alot but you probably won't need it later in the fight, ball lightning isnt that dangerous and its the only thing to really stack for besides shock.
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    I've just had a quick look and doing lei shen a few weeks ago now I never had a problem healing it. One thing I did see looking at your gear is that you reforged out some spirit. My advice is to never do this. One of two reasons really. 1) Your MTT scales to your spirit so the more spirit you have the more mana you are able to give back to yourself and other healers. 2) It allows big cost spells such as GHW to be used more frequently.

    Normally during the transition, I was with a hunter and priest. The hunter would Detterence or w/e it's called his static shock and the priest Dispers his static shock, if I eve got it, I would throw down a HR on me and then pre-cast a CH followed by two HS spams onto my to guild mates followed my a normal GHW / HW on me. This would usually get us by. Not sure what your mastery is, but I'd advise going for 50% and this would also help when your fellow raiders get low.

    Lastly, you said the rogue killed you a couple of times. Make sure he tells you when he's using it or he doesn't use it unless you call for it. Communication is key when raiding any boss tbh.

    Finally, hope this helps and Good luck on your kill! and GZ for when you get him down!

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    We make sure to disable static shock as the first pillar, this makes the 1st transtition a little harder, but in the long run it gets much more reliable kills from our experience.

    We divided the quadrants like this;
    2 tanks
    Balance druide + rogue
    Resto shaman, enh shm + hunter
    Disc priest, fury warr + mage

    2nd transition is alot easier and my group spread out on the other quadrants not occupied by the tanks.

    I used Stone wall totem and static shock normally put me down to 10-15%, a bit dangerous but nothing exceptionel.

    I doubt the static shocks is the "real" problem you have. You might want to look at add handling in the transition. Are they alive to long? Do u miss ball and get extra adds? Are you chaining to much?

    If your not disabling static shock as the first pillar, then it will hurt alot for the 2nd transition since all pillars level up. We had issues with random death at the 2nd transition too untill we changed tactic.

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    I'm not positive exactly which strategy your group is using with the pillars, but I can describe how our group did it and a few tips.

    First, I agree with the others, even though it may be faster to heal two than three, it's really going to be hard to soak things in a two person group as a shaman.

    Also agreeing with what's already been said, make sure you're using healing surge when you need it and throw earth shield on someone.

    For my group, we disable the diffusion chain pillar first and the static shock pillar second and level the overcharge pillar during the second phase. In the first transition, we have the two tanks as one group in the diffusion chain quadrant then we have a group of two dps + one healer in each of two of the other quadrants and a group of one dps + one healer in the last. For the first transition, each group spreads out around the circle in their quadrant as much as possible, then runs out for the bouncing bolt or stacks up for the overcharge/static shock. One interesting thing though is that both the static shock and the bouncing bolt can be absorbed with invulnerability cooldowns. We have one group that's pally/mage/druid and they will stay spread out for the static shocks and absorb them solo using ice block/ divine shield. They can even do this standing in a bouncing bolt and get both dealt with without taking any damage. The second transitions works approximately the same, except the lack of diffusion chains and the extra overcharge make positioning different. We have the tanks move to the group that was two people before, since their quadrant is down. The critical part about this transition is that each group needs everyone in that quadrant stacked perfectly on each other at all points when you're not soaking a bouncing bolt. If you don't stack tight in the middle of your quadrant, people will die to overcharges.

    As far as healing specific things, I try to put a healing rains under us whenever we're stacked up and I keep riptide rolling on my group as much as possible. The rest is pretty standard, hw/ghw if I have time, healing surge if I don't have much, htt or primal elemental if I start to fall behind. And I'll usually throw earth shield out on someone if they get an add beating on them.

    Also, I run closer to 11.5k spirit on my shaman to make mana tide stronger, but some of that will depend on how your healers handle their mana
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    yay thanks for the replies everyone =3 Hopefully next week we have some better luck.

    Also as far as I know we are disabling the chains first. We haven't quiet gotten there though

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    If you can have SWG available, that helps.

    Otherwise, remind your quadrant mates your through-put is better when you can plant your feet. If there are 2 blue balls and there is healing to be done, the dps should grab them. If the static shock is coming and there is healing to be done they can stack on you.

    The final quadrant the boss is in b/f transition is a little harder due to the purple clouds that linger. We put our disc priest in there just b/c we thought he had better tools if someone had to stand or move through crap. If you are in that quadrant and you think someone else might do better there, ask for a change of scenery.

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