I am currently playing shadowcleave(with hpala) at around 2250 mmr. We beat some 2400 RPS/RPD and other higher teams but we're still struggling a bit atm. Since no one goes for me when we play shadowcleave I am thinking about going double PvE trinket for stronger dots. Which ones would be recommended for that?

Currently I am using shado pan trinket + pvp procc trinket + synapse springs

I am thinking about using feathers of ji'kun with shado pan or maybe the one that stacks 3x for 6000 crit rating

I want to get the highest dots but the trinkets should also line up together very often. If it's only "when the stars align" situation they are not fit I guess since I need to keep dots on 3 targets and they will run out at some point or even get dispelled.