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    Revamping my UI.

    I've just done a totally fresh re-install of WoW.

    I play a Protection Warrior in a 10man Guild and I raid lead. I'm looking for some very nice add-on suggestions off people if possible? Light-weight would be perfect but need some decent UnitFrames and also very interested in having RaidFrames like these; http://i.imgur.com/iro1BKG.jpg.

    If any anyone, especially tanks, feel like linking thier UI's with an Add-on list, i'd be insanely grateful for the influence and help!

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    That's basically ElvUI, so if that's the look you're after grab it and go to town I'm compelled to point you to RealUI as well though, simply because it is one of the most unique out there. Both are lightweight and pretty feature complete right out of the box if you don't want to hunt down a bunch of addons.

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    The UI is ElvUI, but the raid frames look like Grid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonee1230 View Post
    The UI is ElvUI, but the raid frames look like Grid.
    The Raid Frames could be pretty much anything, too heavily configured to be able to tell really. ElvUI frames would be a safe bet considering the rest of the UI though.

    You can probably setup something like that (or at least similar) with any decently configurable raid frame addon.

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    The base is indeed ElvUI, but I belive the raid frames is either HealBot or Vuhdo

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    Frames are vuhdo afaik

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    Raidframes can still be Elv... not hard to set them up like that.

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