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    Fix my Stagger Weak Aura string! [Novice User]

    Morning all,

    I've only recently moved over to Weak Auras and am still at what most of you would call a novice level. Right now all I know how to do is like the design side of simple auras (size, text etc.) and making auras for like buffs or ability CDs. With the more "advanced" auras I'm completely clueless. On to my dilemma:

    Here is my current Stagger string (if the link doesn't work please comment): http://pastebin.com/3H27wvc1#

    I got this aura when I downloaded this UI from WoW Interface: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...1920x1080.html

    The problem is this player doesn't particularly play that often now and much less on his Monk and so the UI is outdated. I've managed to change all the other addons to how they are on his UI now but his WAs are the only things I can't change as I don't know how. I've messaged him on Twitch and things but no reply, so I thought I'd bring it to MMO Champ.

    Here is his UI and subsequently his auras in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gY5tlwlPHk

    Right now my Stagger string is just downright broken. 98% of the time when I'm tanking and I get the Stagger debuff this aura doesn't even show up on my screen at all. The odd times it does show up (and this is very rare) the progress bar and colours work but there's no text at all!

    Please please please if anyone can look at this string and fix it so it works exactly how it does in the video I'd be deeply grateful.

    Edit: I'm assuming it probably needs a .lua fix
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