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    Teemo: Why does this champion exist?

    Hello guys!
    Now ever since I started playing LoL i've disliked Teemo, the more I play the angrier I get with him, he's just completely worthless.
    What Teemo can do:
    Kite - He has his shrooms and movement speed increase
    Blind - Sure, blind the ADC, that helps... a bit
    Shrooms - Grants some vision and are outright annoying.

    Now Teemo excels during the laning phase, and can mess with a melee top for the earlier levels, however this doesn't justify how crap he becomes late-game.
    He probably has the lowest damage output (outside of supports) in the game, his shrooms piss people off to such an extent they buy early oracles, messing up your teams wards in the process and he's a hit and run kind of champion, he attacks you, you smack him, he runs. in 99/100 cases the trades are never worth it due to his low damage, and the only time he wins in such a situation is if he makes the opponent angry enough to chase him through 3 turrets and 15 shrooms.
    Now why the rage?
    I just played yet another game where a player insisted on playing Teemo. Guess what? he couldn't do shit. His blinding dart does not account for his complete uselessness in teamfights, his "strong" early game gets shat on by a ganking jungler and so on and so forth.

    Why do people insist on playing this worthless champion!? (


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    Not that i'm advocating the most hated champion in the game, but he does have some uses.
    He doesn't have the lowest damage output, i'm pretty sure that champions like Trundle have lower output.
    He's good when you simply want to make an enemy champion useless for the next 15 minutes IF Teemo counters him.
    If you can coordinate teamfights to be on your "turf" (A.K.A mushroom field) it's a huge help, even if they do have oracles.
    If they buy oracles to clear shrooms every time it runs out, they will use approx 2000 gold worth of oracle/game. That's almost an entire item.

    Note that i don't play the little fucker either..
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    Honestly, alot of the issue with teemos is people just don't build him right and go all sorts of crazy items. The best build imo, is to rush hat or liandries - if you're way ahead -> hat -> liandries if not. Teemo poison is probably the highest dps in the early game because it's just a rightclick until late game. I snowball really really hard on teemo anytime I play him as ap just because people don't realize that a built correctly (NOT MALADY) teemo does so much damage. Blinding dart is also a nuke within itself, and the shrooms are just a plus.
    (note that all this is my opinion, and experience)

    Teemos weakness though is that late game he's relatively useless in team fights, especially if you don't grab a ruanns for poison spread, the issue is that ruanns should be the very last item built.. it's pretty much my "last resort team why haven't we won this game yet" item. Oracles just counters the whole shroom bait thing too hard late game :/ if Teemo wasn't just a highly vulnerable pseudo-adc/ap carry late game he'd probably be really amazing.
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    You already stated some reasons:
    He has a good laning phase and has strong objective/vision control. A Teemo toplane can easily ruin Baron opportunities, especially if the enemy loses their oracle. And those shrooms of AP Teemos hurt carries lategame....a lot. I had decently fed Teemos putting out shrooms that dealt almost 50 percent of the ADCs HP. And as the ADC generally doesn't buy oracles, that's a lot of fear you can induce.

    Teemos only weakness is bis lack oft presence in teamfights.
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    I look at teemo as a solokiller tbh, make bomb fields, camp abit and ward up. Be a baws and take the enemy team down quickly so its a 3v5 or whatever.
    I hate facing teemo tho, I really do.

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    Teemo is perfect bait. Everyone hates him so much, people will go to great lengths to kill a teemo. If that means that he can bait them into a trap, or peel them away from an ADC... well, it's not what he was designed for, but it's how the community has made him :P

    I used to love playing Teemo, don't hate me, I find him fun to play. Sadly, as covered, he brings nothing to team fights, and he can often annoy your own team as much as he annoys the enemies, so I only play him if I'm drunk and in a bot match now... but I have seen friends run wildly after a teemo in their desire to kill teemo above all else, and it end up bringing them to their dooooom.

    PS. I own a Teemo hat. I wear a teemo hat. My husband even wears the Teemo hat. It makes him manly, I swear.

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    Aye, I understand that teemo isn't the drooling "special" kid in class because riot has to keep up some sort of appearance that he's actually decent, the thing is though that after 6-8 minutes in the game I always turn the tables on Teemo. Sure he's being a bitch harrassing me early and keeps me from some creeps, but as soon as I get my ulti it just destroys him (This is mainly talking about top lane, champions played in this case are Vi,Tryndamere, Zed, Jayce)
    I honestly just start crying whenever I join a ranked game and the first picker says "TOP!!!!+++!!!11!" and picks a fucking Teemo...

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    Teemo basically does the same thing as Shaco in solo queue, he pisses the enemy team off if the person knows how to actually play him at a decent level. Any smart Teemo starts putting shrooms on the edge of each side of a bush so that if an enemy walks into the bush with oracles, they have already been hit by the shroom. Teemo, if your team is somewhat competent can shape a teamfight if he has a mushroom minefield set up somewhere, you just have to tell your team to stay in that general area.
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    His team fighting is terrible, but you should be split pushing and disrupting with him anyway. He isn't a champion that will do anything well if you try to stay with the other 4 members of your team late game, that just isn't how teemo works.

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    I tend to find he joins a teamfight just a bit later than usual sets a few mushrooms down in the way that he'll run away if need be.
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    Teemo blanketing the battlefield with 10-min mushroom vision is already far more useful than 80% of the teammates I get in soloqueue, especially if I feel like taking Homeguard/Teleport.

    His direct teamfight is weak, that's true. But the safety he provides his team with map awareness is extremely valuable, not to mention those shrooms can leave the enemy team with a significant amount of missing health and discourage those teamfights in the first place. Plus during the laning phase he is extremely safe and hard to gank if played well, and a natural counter against several traditional top-lane snowballers that end up mediocre if not fed.

    I don't even like playing him either, and a Teemo who *is* stupid enough to feed his lane is throwing the game for his team harder than most champs. but I digress.
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    I got my 1st penta with Teemo against a team that bought oracles right off the bat. As said earlier in the thread any smart Teemo will put his/hers shrooms on the very edge of the bush. Build Liande's to make your shrooms pack a major punch then Rylai's to make your blind get the effect from Liande plus Deathcap then Runaans and thats atleast how I build him. He is not useless by any means even if they buy oracles or the pink wards. Thats just my 2 cents.

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    I love Teemo. Besides the fact that I have the bunny skin, he's hardly a terrible pick, at least in normals. Just to throw out an example, I did a game with him solo top building hybrid, and held a Nasus top and Xin jungle for 5 minutes with just auto attacks. I've always thought that a good Teemo is the hardest thing to counter in games. Playing him safe means you can farm your ass off and punish anyone who comes near, and once you hit 6 and get some AP, you don't have to be in lanes to clear waves at a time. On top of that, his Q is just a mind fuck. That blind is really really nice early on, and packs quite a punch.

    Then again, keeping him shut down makes him useless later on, because he can't play catch up very well, and always gets blown up first in team fights. Sometimes I like playing him as the super assist. Setting up terrain for team fights can be pretty beast, especially if they're not buying an oracles early on. If you really get set up well with him, you can make an entire team paranoid to move anywhere, same with a fed twitch or eve.
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    In competitive meta/high elo. Lane swaps. They make the champion impossible to play anywhere else than mid, where he's not at his best.

    He can't survive a dive, he can't lasthit safely under his tower (low range, lack of wave clear). If he doesn't get some sort of edge early, he just stays a vision bot for the whole game, which doesn't give much.

    Generally, a he can be a good pick in normals/low elo, but he can't really stand his own against people that counter/laneswap him

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    I went Rengar top and the enemy picked Teemo, preceeded to first blood him alone, then he raged all game about Rengar being a no skill champ and noob champ, ironic. (Silver I)
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    His bunny skin is the most adorable thing in the world!

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    i probably would dislike him so much if i didnt get teammates all the time who cant play him and feed.

    i honestly think probably 75% of the hatred/anger the community has towards him is due to this and the fact that he's really just more annoying than a threat. that and his voice is just absurdly stupid.

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    It exists to be picked by bronze ELO morons, who try and counter garen / darius with him, and end up getting roflstomped and going afk after 15 mins.

    I dodge if I see my team pick him tbh. So rare to see anyone play him well, and he's useless in team fights.

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    Teemo is around to show people that life is not fair and that shit will happen to you for no reason.... Damn I hate teemo's..

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    Teemo is the Dota equivalent of Techies, just less suicidal and more annoying, but overall fun. He has his share of counters like every other champ in the game, so he can't win every time.

    If it makes you feel any better there's been rumors going around of Roit considering taking Teemo out the game.

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