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    Best way to deal with guys like you, is just stand at the entrance and wait for you to MD whole instance to the tank one pack at a time. That sure is fun.
    Best way to deal with guys like you, is to just vote kick you for standing at the entrance instead of tanking while I chain MD the whole instance to my pet tank one pack at a time. That sure is faster for me and everyone else than you getting butt hurt because you are pulling incredibly slowly or not at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kilpi View Post
    Newsflash, the tank can pull the mobs without your MD-pulling. I'm just waiting for the day when MD gets removed.
    This is true. But an equally stunning (not really stunning) revelation is that the 5 mans are easy!

    As per the general comeback about pull, I did indeed "roll a tank" on every one of my alts that is capable of spec'ing it. 3 of them at 90 in the 490 to 500 range. I love it when DPS pulls, saves me the trouble. Usually I pull the next pack / the boss as soon as the one I just pulled is ~ half health... toss down a DND / druid pushback / monk snare and let them slowly chase me while DPS finishes them off. Don't have to be in their face to "tank" them.

    Dungeons are face roll, and if they aren't and we wipe or the healer gets stretched thin; then that's what party chat is for!
    "Hey guys waiting to pull for healer to get mana / Let me pull since 2 people just got owned since we had 20 mobs."

    On my hunter, I'd rather get kicked for MD pulling at a pace to finish the dungeon quickly than sit around while you make yourself a sandwich / go to the market / eat roast beef / go wee wee in between every pull. PLEASE KICK ME! I'd leave, but deserter :/ So I pull... and either you keep up or I get kicked, either way I'm happy. I didn't queue on my 520 ilvl hunter which can practically solo the instance for that, I just want my valor and done.

    And besides that, I enjoy a level of frenetic energy in my dungeons - I played vanilla where every pull was a potential wipe. I was the first person (well horde anyway) on my server to complete my UBRS key - 5 manning it when most people on my server were 10 and 20 manning it because they were inexperienced. By comparison, the 5 man trash these days are a complete joke. So, I don't want to play with you anyway if you are molasses. It's nothing personal.

    BUT, by comparison with the OP, I don't take it personal when/if I get kicked!

    This almost never happens though; generally the group either keeps up, or occasionally decides that yes, the tank is indeed far too slow and they vote kick him without any direction from me to do so. Last time that happened, on Gate of Setting Sun, the healer left immediately afterwards (he was in the tanks guild) and we three DPS just did the dungeon by ourselves from first boss to last without issue or pause while the "queue" spun uselessly trying to find us a tank / healer.
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    The only time I pull before a tank is when I plan on soloing the mob and don't need anyone else to help out.
    Don't be elitist, it's a video game for crying out loud. Cure cancer, then you can be an asshole.

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    Honestly, challenge modes will give you the old school feeling when you hit max level, it's pretty much everything you miss. With hunters being something spectacular in CMS it makes them even funner. It's pretty much mandatory in CMs to do everything in your beautiful hunter arsenal to make the runs in time to obtain the rewards, ccing mobs, MDing the tank and all in all just being a helpful high dps assisting group member, you even have to run to the dungeon :P

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    As a tank in a 5 man, it annoys me to a small extent if you don't communicate your intentions... If you were just to say hey, you mind if I MD pull so we can chain pull than 9/10 I will say have at it. Lets get this done. But in the end its the lack of communication that got you kicked.. how do you know if that DK tank didnt pick up a blood spec 2 days ago and is struggling with rune management?
    Ideally no one has ever hit the level cap of the last expansion, looked at their dungeon blues, and thought "I win."

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