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    How was your raiding loot week?

    This isn't a QQ thread, I'm just curious if anyone else had as bad of a week as I did. This week I did all of the ToT LFR, used all 3 of my Mogu coins and got nothing but gold. I even did Sha, Galleon and Nalak and received nothing but gold there too. Anyone else have a week like this? Or did you have better luck? If so what did you get?

    Hope your week went better than mine!

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    I have not gotten a single piece of loot in weeks.

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    No loot from tot or the world bosses for the past month or so

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    I prefer to forget about these sorts of things.

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    Don't really do LFR much anymore, I usually average an item or two a week, though it's almost always something I've won before, so never anything too exciting, part of the reason why I don't bother.

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    With one word, crap.

    ToT 10 keeps giving me trinkets, rings, necks and stuff that I don't need/want/use... but no tier and no weapons... I'd trade all that for that single 2h weapon upgrade from the Council. No loot from Nalak either - except on my alt ofc. Sha hasn't given anything at all during this year (after spamming me with duplicates last year) and the only piece of loot I've ever gotten from Galleon was useless.
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    I got 3 tier pieces, gave me my 4set for prot.
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    Tier legs on my paladin and warlock, both from Nalak. Heroic ring for my paladin that I already had, from a bonus roll. Lost the haste/mastery shoulders

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    First Jin-Rokh dropped me a 535 ring, then ji-kun dropped thunderforged ilvl 541 trinket and my tier legs <3<3

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    Well, I got totally screwed on Secrets of the Empire this week. I'm hoping I can finish the quest next week.

    I replaced my crappy ToES ring with a ring from Oondasta (in a rare case of a bonus roll actually working in my favor). I bought a valor belt. And my raid got so much Leather gear (our 10 man has no Leather class) disenchanted this week that I used the Haunting Spirits to craft some boots.

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    4 Secrets of the Empire, 2 Tier pieces to get my Hpally 4 set which is crap, a valor trinket (mainly for CM's) full clear +Ji-Kun & Jin'rokh heroic in 2 days enabling us to finish a day early.

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    My loot has been shocking for the past 3 weeks, got a couple of sidegrades 3 weeks ago but they'll be replaced the moment that tier drops. Nothing since (2/13H).

    I did get to complete my legendary meta last week though.

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    I got nothing from LFR or Nalak/Oondasta and nothing I need or want dropped from normal ToT but I finally got a damn two-hander from a coin so I'm satisfied.

    I have only three slots to replace and I'm 522 or higher in all of them. Not too shabby.
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    Shockingly good, actually. Got my tier leggings from Nalak last week, and had 10 coins to blow in LFR this week (I only raid LFR and world bosses). I did all of ToT yesterday, except the first three bosses in Pinnacle of Storms (finished it up today and got nothing, of course) and got a total of nine drops - four weapons (three plus a duplicate), two cloaks (one and a duplicate), helm, chest, shield and a trinket.

    I'm probably going to pay dearly for this.

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    It's been a slow week for me, which is strange because I usually have good luck with drops. They only upgrade Ive gotten has been what I bought with VP. I still have 1 wing of ToT to go of LFR and 1 more guild raid night this week so Im hoping things will turn around

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    Still missing a Bad Juju and a belt, but I did get a ring and my tier shoulders this week so things aren't bad.

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    Absolutely nothing since durumu last week.

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    Really succesful. Made a rogue 4/05 dinged him 90 4/15 got him to lfr quickly. Safe to say he is 493 atm.

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    I picked up a bunch of Resto pieces which is cool and I picked up my two piece today. Not my OPTIMAL two piece, but a two piece nonetheless. My PR puts me at 4 piece next week if I get good tier drops. Here's to hoping!

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    Can't really complain. Coined a 541 2h off council, won the heroic tier gloves giving myself 2set. Upgraded my TF feathers off Ji-kun to heroic.

    Only problem is the secrets... 17/20. Getting there, but it will end up being a casual 3 weeks behind the rest of my raid.

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