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    Quote Originally Posted by madrox View Post
    Hey, I have an idea; instead of complaints about LFR being consolidated into one thread and have a discussion over it's pros and cons let's have everyone with a complaint start their own thread because we are all special snowflakes who must have their opinions separated from the riff raffs.
    This is a MMO site about WoW right? I don't need panda scrubs to tell me that I can't make a new thread about a topic I feel needs to be addressed

    Funny as soon as I address LFR being bad all the bads come to defend it for their lives

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenreaverz View Post
    I have the same exact schedule as you, I work 5 days a week and if I'm not at work I'm in class. I could run normals easy and it doesn't take much time at all. No excuse.
    Indeed..then why piss on LFR? Just ignore it..done. I am sure your guildies are as awesome as you, so why the need to tell 8.999.925 other people who you will never meet how to play and what to enjoy?

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    This didn't go very well and isn't a particularly constructive thread.


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