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    Living Steel proc broken?

    I am a transmute master and have been using my CD everyday for ~2 months and have had a single 2 x Proc and that was maybe 4-5 weeks ago. Just wondering if anyone else is noticing anything similar or do I just have bad luck.

    Does anyone know if the proc rate is effected by the character level?

    Any potion/elixir masters having issues with procs?

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    rng bro, had a 4 proc last week and a 3proc yesterday

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    ^^ what he said. Got a x5 proc myself last week and get at least a x2 once a week.

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    Unless it has changed you have a 15% chance of getting a proc. With chances that low it makes a lot of sense for some people or everybody to go on some long runs of zero procs.
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    I had a 5 proc just a few days ago

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    Yes, it is bad luck. I had about 6 or 7 procs on living steel with my 85 alt and I didn't use the ability every day since I learned it. It is probably 5-10% for me, which is almost intended value.

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    I rarely ever get a proc. Ever. But then my friend has great luck. Lame. lol

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    I do it on 3 xmute alchs daily, and get at least 2-3 procs per week (out of 21 casts of it) which is roughly the intended value. Those procs, however, range from 2-5x procs, so that part seems to also be random to me. But no, not broken, just random. And will take you a while to see any procs doing it just once a day, as compared to those doing it 3-4 times as much per week as you.
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    You only have like a 15% chance of having a x2 proc. A 2.25% chance of a x3 proc. A 0.3375% chance of a x4 proc. And a 0.05% chance of a x5 proc. IIRC the numbers are somewhere around there.

    I'm not sure, but I believe that is the supposed rate (15% chance per usage, 15% chance on top of said 15% chance for x3 and so on) for all specs, not just transmute.

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    0.00067 probability. Guess you are unlucky.

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    Never seen a 3+x proc, but I frequently get 2 2x procs in one day.

    I make it twice a day on two different alchemists.

    So on topic: No, it's not broken. You just have shit luck with RNG.

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    I've never had a proc :[

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