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    Quote Originally Posted by Mifuyne View Post
    As far as I know disc priests are destroying everything, meter related, with monks on 2nd and paladins on 3rd place.
    It's obvious that it's different per fight, but it's the overall consensus.

    Now, meters are not everything but if you describe it in your post, you are obviously doing something wrong if a paladin can take you over.
    Also, holy paladins will be nerfed with 5,3 - downscaling their mastery, nerfing the old tier set bonus and changing current spells that would require a new "rotation".
    Looks like I'll be able to laugh at my pally friend more then if he gets nerfed

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcureanddisease View Post
    Paladin here 5 years strong. Im gonna confirm Rucati's statement and tell you that we over heal the shit out of things.
    You know in my raid when I play my mistweaver, I always out overheal the paladin by A LOT. Pallies aren't the overheal monsters they used to be. Try having to use Renewing Mist on CD to prepare for uplift healing, and watching all those numbers be overhealing. Welcome to a monk.

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    Keeping all this "recount matters for shit" in mind, as its true, I don't see how you wouldn't beat a holy pally on most fights (Read: pretty much every fight outside Megaera). Use SS cleverly on every significant (or not significant if there's nothing significant inc for a minute) and utilize PWs. With enough spirit you can be nonstop casting any atonement related spell as fillers while not SSing or Shielding.

    Paladins are good, and I love them to bits for tank healing (being a lazy mofo in that sense myself), but if you utilize absorbs you'll leave any holy paladin around the same ilevel crying. Doubt the nerf to atonement will change anything massively there really.

    But again, if people you're supposed to keep alive stay alive, no one should care a massive lot.

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    I'm not sure how the raid healing scene is in MoP, but back in Cata, there were some tricks you can use to maximize your healing output in a raid. The following guidelines are under the assumption that you're doing progression encounters where healers are mana restricted.

    1) Healers who are not in top 100 guilds tend to run out of steam halfway through the fight. This happens despite the fact that the total healing output of all healers in the raid are more than enough to complete the encounter. This is primarily due to massive overhealing incurred in the first half of the fight as healers at 100% mana compete with each other for healing done. To combat this, limit your healing early on in the fight when everyone is topped off and all the healers are at full mana. When everyone is OOM, your high HPM heals (hots and shields) will have a much higher chance to be utilized fully. Likewise, make sure to avoid throwing out heals to people who are topped off or are almost topped off. Despite avoiding overhealing, you should still throw out heals as required (especially to your assigned tank) and make sure to avoid capping mana.

    2) Calculate your highest HPM heals and try to prioritize them. For example, druid's highest HPM heals are: WoG > Swiftmend > Rejuv > Nourish. Any high HPM heals that are on cooldowns, try to use them every cooldown, even during the start of a fight where everyone is topped off.

    3) Avoid low HPM heals like the plague (eg. Flash Heal). Anytime you have to use a low HPM heal you're probably doing it wrong. If your assigned tank is low on health, consider using medium-HPM heals to "float" the tank's health (Nourish spam with 3 Rejuvs up for Druids) rather than full heal him with low HPM heals (eg. Flash Heal). This gives other healers a chance to react and throw a small heal to help you out (eg. Rejuv, Riptide, etc).

    4) Time your cooldowns to coincide whenever the raid takes big damage so you do big heals.

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    I always chuckle a bit at people who say that meters don't matter. Yes, meters don't blatantly measure that people are doing that right thing, but upon inspection of meters like recount, that can be determined.

    At the end of the day, in a competitive environment, those who top the meters are generally executing their classes to the best they can be. Of course there are boss mechanics and patch based strengths that will have an influence on these numbers, but for anyone who can objectively read and analyze meters, they have a lot of information and weight.

    If a resto druid is beating a disc priest on every fight, the disc priest is doing something wrong. However, if the disc priest is always beating the resto druid, as of 5.2, the resto druid could still be doing everything right, and this can be easily determined by looking at the resto druids healing breakdown.
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