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    Eternal Flame overpowered?

    Currently rerolling to a different server leveling my paladin as protection (what I have always been since TBC). However, I can't help but feel that Eternal Flame is heavily overpowered. Now I do not now how this will balance out on level 90, but the power it has low level is ridiculous.

    I am currently level 65 and I'm soloing outlands dungeons one after another, without the need for damage reducing cooldowns, seal of insight or potions or anything. Basically I pull a few packs and depending on the damage income I either spam EF on 3 HP or alternate it with SotR. It can crit over 25k and seeing how I have 9.5k health, that seems a bit much. Also the fact that it ticks over 2k every 3 sec for 30 sec is overkilling it even more.

    So seeing how it lasts for 30 seconds it can give you as much as 45k+ health. On level sixty-five oh em gee. It's just impossible to die like that lol. I feel like a cat but with unlimited lives. Or maybe I feel more like a god who is immortal? =D

    Even in PvP I have no fear of dying. Even if it's 3 or 4 vs 1 my EF keeps me alive.

    Do you feel as a fellow Paladin (or other class) that Eternal Flame is (too) powerful? What do you think about EF?

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    Low lvl balance is irrelevant nowadays, healers and tanks are overpowered until lvl85 and that probably won't change anytime soon but it also doesn't matter. Almost every heal above lvl50 does more healing than anyone's hp pool.

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    All healing below lvl 80 is OP as hell. Selfless healer FoL's healing for 45k at lvl 76 where friendlys have 15k hp.
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    •No one sane uses it at 90.
    •It would be instantly dispelled.
    •Selfless Healer is superior, given the 5.2 FoL changes, even for self healing.

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    I use EF as ret all the time, I find the 'hot' extremely useful while im been cced to hell. Its a more selfish spec however, I switch to selfless healer for arena eg

    But the dot crits are wonderful for survival which we have so little of.

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    Low level is irrelevant, especially healing classes with vengeance (monk/pally). At 90 it is only useful for Holy, and even then its only a small bonus to healing in PvP. In PvE it is pretty damn good though, actually keeping the spec going. A nerf to Eternal Flame is a big nerf to holy pve.

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