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    Have you tried agroing first, then stopping agro and letting your pet take over? I solo'd the living story dungeon earlier today with my pet just keeping agro 90% of the time.
    I have, actually! I've tried just about everything. I've tried aggroing, then dropping it, I've tried everything. Even sending the pet in first causes the enemy to sometimes start attacking me from across the screen? Just today, I about died to a group of veteran spiders that would have been easy for me before, because they just kept attacking me even after I stopped attacking back, and my lynx stood there attacking it and not taking a hit of damage.

    I think, from what I've observed at least, part of it seems to be with the new mechanic added that pets try to get behind their targets. The lynx was only attacking half the time, continuously running around to get behind the spider. I dunno. It's just weird now.
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