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    Exclamation TWP - Moonkin Roundtable #3

    Hello Chickens!

    I just announced on our last episode that the Moonkin Roundtable is next up. It will be at 12pm PST on Sunday May 5th. Who will be on the panel?

    • Arielle - Host and Moderator
    • Zoomkins - Moonkin with Blood Legion.
    • Cyous - Heroic 25m raider. Does Youtube videos showing how to play a Moonkin for specific encounters.
    • Hamlet - Druid Trainer, Author of Wrathcalcs.
    • Hotted - Multi-Gladiator Boomkin and YouTuber.
    • Lazerchicken - Blogger at Lazerchicken. Author of the AJ Boomkin Guide.
    • Dopefish - Author of Rawr.Moonkin.
    • Sameach - TWP's resident Moonkin.

    As before we will talk about the current state of Moonkin Druids, what the panelists would like to see changed, talents, glyphs, and tactics to use in both PvP and PvE. As always we'll close with an open Q&A session with questions submitted by the community.

    Do you have a question you'd like to have the panelists discuss on the show? Post it below!

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    Eclipse Bar. Your feelings about it and do you believe it should be removed and Balance Druids revamped for 6.0?
    "If I recall correctly I just posted that this topic is not to be discussed any further." -Ensidia Fanclub Founder

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    1) Would you like to get rid of all the hybrid burden for more dps?

    2) With the current moonkins itemization is there a moment we should go for the next haste cap or should we stick with the "all crit" idea?

    3) Astral Communion - "Generates the power type most beneficial to you" BUT goes towards solar when starting from the default position which makes it longer to prepare before pull and renders the tooltip a lie since Lunar Eclipse is stronger. Your thoughts?

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    Minor glyph to make astral communion go to the lunar when preparing for the fight.

    How much are we missing power of mushrooms aoe, how much do we want them back.
    perhaps a glyph to plant 3 mushrooms in 1 global would help.

    Symbiosis not restricted to your party target.

    Revamp Symbiosis, for example: make it give druids 2 abilities (offensive and defensive, on the same CD) from each class it is cast on.

    Redesign Dream of Cenarius for boomkins, because it seems to be totally useless (at least in pve).

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    where can i find Cyous youtube chanel?

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    Awesome! Really looking forward to hearing this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quirix View Post
    where can i find Cyous youtube chanel?

    This is just the video that i was watching when i remembered that you were looking for the channel.:P

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    I'd like to hear what they think about hurricane/astral storm. How it eats up NG without moving the bar. Any tweaks or changes that could make it more worth using. Doesn't have to do more dps, just not ruin our single target for the next 10ish seconds.

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    Where do you see moonkins being in the next teir?
    What would you like to see with regards to potential "new" boss encounters?
    Thoughts on alleviation of movement dps issues?

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    Could you please post a link to where we can find the broadcast?

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    I can't find the video on twitch deleted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomy View Post
    I can't find the video on twitch deleted?

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    Stops playing for me right after the introductions for some reason.

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    Could be a work related issue; i'll try again from my home computer when I get home.

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    Wow absolutely loved this podcast! Is there any plans in the future to add some sort of video? Sometimes I zone out if I don't get visuals, plus there's a few things that would really benefit getting visuals.

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    I don't really have the time for any additional production value beyond purely audio. If someone else is willing to volunteer to take that on I would happily work with them.

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    Well fingers crossed that someone can help with that! It would definitely be something I'd eagerly await updates for

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