View Poll Results: Which item just wont drop for you?

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  • Weapon (second wep included)

    65 46.76%
  • Off - hand

    22 15.83%
  • Trinkets

    45 32.37%
  • Neck

    1 0.72%
  • Rings

    6 4.32%
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    Pool: Which loot item are you the most unlucky with?

    Which part of your equipment seems to never want to drop?

    Consider it as of MoP loot tables only. We've got time enough to know what items is it that we always miss.

    I'm usually unlucky with trinkets, I haven't got any real BiS trinket so far since DK card...

    What about you?

    (I'm only adding to the pool those items which can't be easily replaced, so trinkets/weapons/neck/rings, being the two last not that hard IMO.
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    tier. we've had something like 30 protectors, 10 vanqs and maybe 7 conquerors so far. Guess which I need.

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    Multiple of the same trinket but still no MH weapon on ANY of my toons since 5.1
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    Trinkets man, trinkets. Always hurting for a good trinket. I'll often see a terribly itemised trinket drop a few times and never the one I want. Weapons? Got mine the first week in Throne of Thunder- the shared boss loot Sword. Very happy with it and definitely never have a problem with them or even Tier tokens...but trinkets? No dice. Not in BC, not in Wrath, not in Cata and not now. It's gotten to the point where I hope and prey there's always a good trinket in the VP section of a new tier so I can actually get something useful.
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    When I played it was weapons. On my mage I got the weapon off of Prince first kill not long after BC dropped. Then we were 12 or 13 Illidan kills in before I got an upgrade. All the way through t5 we saw only a few caster weaps drop and I was gone for 2 due to illness and I didn't have the DKP since I bought 2 pieces the week before for the other one.

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    my monk has trouble with trinkets but seems to be super lucky with weapons (got 2x1h axe on my first ToT council kill)
    my paladin has problems with tier sets but seems super lucky with trinkets
    my mage has difficulties with everything, real sucky luck on that one.

    it'll all drop eventually, just gotta keep plodding on,
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    weapons are generally the thing i find the hardest.

    i didnt see a weapon drop from raids till near the end of 5.1 (on our 7th or 8th Will of the Emperor Heroic kill)
    in 5.2 i got a bow from tortos on the 2nd week though. but usually it takes forever.

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    I would have said weapon before 5.2 (went all of t-14 with a raid finder weapon even killing heroic bosses. But then I got my weapon from ToT on week 2.

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    On my man, my shaman, Legs. I've always had trouble upgrading my legs, from Wrath till now. Even now, I have 489 ilvl, and the -only- thing I can't get, in any raid, is legs. I'm rocking 458 crafted pvp legs. On my hunter, I have incredibly good luck with drops.

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    Trinkets AND weapons, very frustrating.

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    Prior to 5.2 I've never been specifically unlucky with 1 loot item. However so far this patch I am still yet to get a Hunter weapon, despite the fact that there is 1 random boss drop and 4 specific bosses also drop them. So far we've had 1 drop all together in our 25man and the other Hunter got it.
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    Mainly weapon/Offhand and tier tokens.. Right now in ToT, I only spend coins on bosses that can give me tokens, but all I get is gold. Since ToT came out I've gotten 3 items in total (LFR), not a single tier token (got my legs from Nalak). Everything that drops in my guildraids is fu***** cloth or plate. x_x
    I had way more luck on Oondasta, which kinda threw it all in my face, but I wish that I wouldn't have to waste Mogu runes and get extra gold every damn time, it really puts you off in the end!

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    Rings and trinkets usually. I got lucky this tier though.

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    Definately trinkets for me those damn things never drop

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    Before ToT I would have said weapons.
    But now that I got zeratt from like 3rd kill and Thunderforged Uroe the week before last, I won't complain.
    But man did I get frustrated when I used my coin on Lei Shen every week, I think I got loot like 4 times out of 6, and 3 of those were the legs I don't need and 1 was the head that went for my OS. Glad it paid off with the TF one.

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    Typically, it's always been trinkets. But, in MoP, it's been weapons. Never got my sha-touched healing mace. Managed to get the staff literally the week before ToT released. Haven't been able to replace it yet though. Really want the healing fist-weapon from Council, but they never drop it for me

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    Can we get an all option!?

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    Weapons, never had any luck with that.

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