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  • Weapon (second wep included)

    65 46.76%
  • Off - hand

    22 15.83%
  • Trinkets

    45 32.37%
  • Neck

    1 0.72%
  • Rings

    6 4.32%
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    The High Seraph Iliyra's Avatar
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    Weapons until 5.2
    Had to kill Shek'Zeer about 60 times to get my Kri'Tak, which, to me, seems quite a lot.

    Other than that, trinkets.

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    hunter weapon tho my alts always seem to finish their lfr set be4 my main finished his lfr/normal

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    It varies from expansion to expansion.

    Wrath was trinkets. A full year of farming Putricide, and that damn Tiny Abom never dropped.

    Cata was pretty bad for tier pieces. I spent a lot of time on 2set.

    MoP has been bad for weapons. I'm still using a MSV weapon, and even that took me a while to get.

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    Shield, since like forever, I usually ended using PVP ones :/ Also to some extent shoulder armor pieces.

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    Eye of broodmother in ulduar - took me 7 months to get it, and i raided since ulduar release.

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    Off-hands hate me for some reason. Also Bloodlord Mandorkir is being incredibly stingy with the last dungeon mount I don't have.

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    20 mixed normal and HC kills of spirit kings (Coins used)
    12 ToT kills of primordius and Lei Shen (9 coins used)

    That makes 61 attempts at a shield and I've never seen it drop.

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    Heroic tier tokens in ICC. Good god. Combined total of 42 token-dropping bosses killed on heroic, 25man naturally, only 2 conqueror tokens dropped. DKP FTL, the 2nd one was snatched by a guy who hadn't raided in months but had tons and tons of DKP, and I attended nearly every raid. Never felt so cheated again in WoW lol. Our warriors had full-heroic tier for their offspecs, I never had a single heroic tier piece.

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    weapons been the same problem for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    Can we get an all option!?
    I was thinking about it, but then realized that you can usually find 2 or even 3 chests in some cases, for example, not that far form BiS, even with some cra stats on it. But trinkets are usually good or bad, and so are weapons (since they are more limited).

    But feel free to post yours

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    Offhand/second weapon. Only 1 sha touched 1H, so I've had a useless +500 agility gem sitting in my bank for a couple months. Jumped to 502 raid finder 2H weapons (got 2 the same night, psh). If I were able to get another 1H, i'd be an upgrade, but nope.

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    The Lightbringer
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    All of the above, pretty much. I was the first person in my guild to hit 90 (First Paladin to hit 90 in general) and while I was always the best geared Ret until I stopped PvE'ing, I wasn't the best geared in my guild or the best geared melee on the server. I ran every heroic repeatedly, it took me 21 runs to get the legs from SM and I never saw my BiS weapon from Scholo in as many runs. Fast forward to LFR, all I got was a pair of bracers over the span of 4 weeks, yes they were great Bracers for Ret but when a fair ew of my guildies were getting 1-2 items a run I was easily being caught up and surpassed.

    It's been the same in every tier I've raided in (4-11, 13-14), either through lack of drops or just missing out because of DKP, I've always taken far longer than most to gear up.
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    Mounts/Weapons. I never get those, sadly. They always drop to the other shaman

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    Weapons and trinkets. I'm still rocking a DMC trinket and a 491 kilrak(was 2x kilrak before, just got an lfr axe).
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    Scarab Lord Lord Pebbleton's Avatar
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    Damn. Weapons.
    Still have Mogu'Shan Vaults Raid Finder ilvl476 weapon.

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    Weapons and off hand (caster shield, in my case) are duking it out for that top honor. Pre-MoP, I would say caster shield, for sure:

    Wrath: badge shield, ilvl 200 from Naxx 10, Voice of Reason on our last Naxx 25 lockout (when it was current, so 2-3 months between shields)...then the 245 shield from ToC on our last reset there (so 7-8 months between VoR and the 245), then 264 and 277 shields in ICC.

    Cata: Crafted 359 shield, then 378 from the 4.3 5 man dungeon (did not raid during T12), then the 397 shield about 6 months later. No 410 ever dropped for our guild.

    MoP: 463 for about 3 months, then got the 489 from MSV. Still rocking it. :-/

    Since MoP, though, weapon slot has been a PITA:

    463, then 483 from LFR after 2 months, then 496 mace off empress via coin (only had it drop once, went to resto shaman). Still using it (although I did get to bump it up to 504).

    522s from council (fist weapon) or Tortos (shield obv) would be delightful, but alas, neither has dropped, and coin rolls have come back with gold (except for getting the dps trinket off council last week).

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    I have to say off-hand! I have had the LFR MV shield for so long now I'm convinced I will have it until the next expansion. It's the same with my warlock. I have had the LFR off-hand from blade lord forever. Trinkets are the next hardest to get. At least tanking trinkets seem to be the hardest. We have had so many of the Horridon and Maegara trinkets drop I think they are going to people for OS now.

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    Weapons. Always weapons. On every character I play.
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    Off hand, didn't drop a single time in hc msv, and now the curse continues in ToT.

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    Weapon for me, though trinkets aswell so far this tier. t11 was the worst as in our 10 man guild I never got a weapon. Ended up going with a 25 man one week instead and got the one from V&T. So far this tier we've not had any range weapon or hunter bis trinkets drop, that includes my 3 coin rolls every week.

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