View Poll Results: Which item just wont drop for you?

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  • Weapon (second wep included)

    65 46.76%
  • Off - hand

    22 15.83%
  • Trinkets

    45 32.37%
  • Neck

    1 0.72%
  • Rings

    6 4.32%
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    Weapons ... had one weapon drop in three months and it was without spirit.

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    Argh don't get me started... too late. My DK tank is still waiting for an upgrade to the 489 rep helm and a 483 LFR wep... Having 522/496 items in almost every other slot is just pissing me off to the extreme.
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    Cata it was shield. Mop seems to be ANY form of tier.
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    All of the above, but more so obvious with weapons.
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    Weapons and tier.

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    For me it is mounts.

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    Shoulders.... damn shoulders

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    Weapons... more specifically daggers.

    I'm still pre-ToT gear (478) and using crafted 463 daggers because week after week, no drops from MSV, Terrace or Siege of Niuzao Temple. But Lei Shi has no problems giving me FIVE tier shoulder tokens...

    Now blacksmiths can craft ilvl 476 and 522 weapons... all except daggers. Why does Blizzard hate rogues so much?

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    2 Months after hitting 90, my mage is still stuck with a bloody green-quality and one 463 ilvl Trinket (Flashfrozen Resin Globule, the active one) even after numerous LFR and dungeon runs...
    I still can't be bothered to make a deck for Relic of Yulon because I'm that cheap, and I've been spending my VP on other pieces because I don't like having two active trinkets (all the VP trinkets are active if I recall)
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    during wotlk I didn't receive any wrists from ICC (went with cloth wrists from ToGC 10)
    during cata I didn't get any wrists from Firelands (had to get better ones crafted during DS)
    during MoP the last rare item to get replaced was wrists (522 valor wrists)
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    On my paladin I had a 496 weapon for the first month of ToT after getting it just as ToT released, having had a 483 for a week before then, and a 463 since the first week of MoP. Got a 535 from our first Jin'rokh. First heroic weapon I've ever had.
    On my DK I had a 497 (Double upgraded Starcaller), currently using a 502. Don't expect to see a 522+ for the next 3 months.

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    I got both of my ToES weapons on my first attempt, and the first one was before they increase drop rates. Trinkets on the other hand, I had awful luck with.

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    My Shaman has had the crappiest luck getting new melee weapons. Compound that with the fact that I need two because she's enhancement and it only makes matters worse.

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    Always had an issue getting a weapon. I have 522+ pieces in every slot atm but the weapon was the last one I got (replacing a 496) and it's pretty unusual for me to get it this soon. last tier where I played protection I was stuck (and still am) with the 476 boe shield, never, not even once, did I see any other shield drop not LFR not normal not HC, none at all.

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    Warglaive of azzinoth both MH and OH never drops for months.

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    God damn Off-Hands.
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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