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    Can Nalak drop the same loot?

    Quick question and can't seem to the answer. Can Nalak drop items that you already have in your inventory? Wondering because I only need 3 pieces of Tyran to have a full set, and I got lucky enough to win 2 of the pieces I didn't have with a normal kill and the bonus roll. Or did I just get lucky as hell?

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    Pretty sure the answer is yes. Just like LFR can give you items you already have.
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    Can Nalak drop items that you already have in your inventory?
    Yes, it happened to me yesterday.
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    There is no conditional loot drops, if it's on the bosses loot table and you can use it, you may get it.

    Nalak doesn't drop all slots for PvP gear, afaik it's only gloves/legs for the "PvP tier" set (as in the 5 pieces that can count towards PvP set bonuses) and then all the standard off-pieces: cloak, ring, neck, bracer, belt, boots.

    So sure, there are some pieces he probably couldn't drop for you since they are simply not on his loot table. Helm, shoulder, chest, trinket, weapon. I believe that's all he doesn't have for PvP.

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    Random loot is random.

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