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    [Ret] Pvp Gems in 5.3

    I'm hearing that pvp power and resil isnt that great anymore. However considering pvp power benefits our healing is it still pretty decent stat? or should we be going pure str now?

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    I really can't tell. I'm gonna try going with Resilience and Haste / Strength and see how it works out.
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    it's all based on the style you want to have.

    You either want to hit hard, or hit fast.

    I choose fast. So im gonna go yellow = haste, red = str + haste, and blue = pvp pow + haste

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    I'll probably be running str str/crit gems, few crits during burst can make enemys melt and is quite fun. I only really play BG's beside weekly cap for arena anyway so I can't really go wrong with gemming.
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    Strength in every socket is the way to go.

    Resilience cut by 50% is very lacking, it's still useful if you're trying for a higher EF but you lose out on offense and defense that a primary stat could give you for a 3% extra reduction at best.

    Power is underwhelming atm, being cut in half and beaten down in scaling it's now exactly a 1/3 of what it was. Bad idea all around to gem for it.

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    I was messing around with my pve set(that i purposly grinded before 5.3 FOR pvp) and with 22% pvp power my heals were really lacking, so i went with 4 piece pve with full str, str/haste, haste gems, and all off pieces were pvp gear and i have pvp power gemmed,i took away 3 pure resil gems and only lost 1% resil, and replaced that with pvp power, just to help my heals a bit

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