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    What am I doing wrong?(Elemental)

    So, I can't figure out. I use a priority and I keep my Flameshock up. Help me figure it out, because I cant.



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    Don't know the big problem here but from what i can see by looking at your logs and my logs you do way less Lava bursts then me during
    the raid time but alot more lightning bolts then me so i think you might miss out on alot of procs and casts. other then that
    i dont know what to say really, ill put one of our logs in here so you can check and compair to yours.

    armory: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Shalinn/advanced

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    After reviewing, I noticed you had alot more haste then I did.

    I have been casting LvB every chance its up... I'd figure with more mastery the better the chance to proc lava surge. however, I don't know if its possible to have too much mastery?

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    I don't know if there is a limit to how much mastery you can have befor its "bad" tho i know if you have the ledgendary meta (Sinister) then you should
    reforge Mastery - Crit - Haste. Im gona focus more on mastery and crit now since i got the meta but not gona use it until i got a better head.

    And to be fair you got more haste,mastery and SP then i do atm.

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    Ask Endus in his elemental guide sticky on this shaman forum, or send him a private message.

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    In my opinion I think you are just lacking mastery. Also, the meta gem would help a lot.

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    I just got 2 Sigils of Wisdom, so its going to take me awhile to get the needed peices... However, I think I'm going to shift some stats towards Mastery.. What do you guys think I should above in haste? Above 6000? Then shift everything to mastery???

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    I would lose some SP and keep the haste you can but try to gain mastery. Trying to find a balance isn't easy.

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    Last night for Twins, I dropped down from 24% haste to 20%. And upped my Mastery... HUGE dps drop... So, I reforged one item back to Haste to give me 22%.... STill not as high as I was looking, in dps.

    I have 31k self buffed SP, 23% Haste and 48% Mastery... All self buffed... I'm pulling my hair out. lol

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    Let me start off by saying... Honestly you're doing pretty well. If you look at the 'ranked players' section, you can see what % you are compared to the cutoff for the top 100/200 parses. Generally speaking if you are at 80% or higher then you are doing well. Obviously everyone wants to do well enough to rank and wants to be better - but seriously take a second and accept that you're doing well. Now, if you want to get better - I've broken it down a bit more...

    Okay, so I took a look at a few of the fights.

    Specifically I find Magaera to be the best judge of single target DPS. My reasoning for this is simple - First, there is limited movement on the fight for most players (outside of stacking for rampage, etc). Second, There are no DPS gimmics that allow you to increase your DPS significantly. Thirdly, you should be attacking only one target at any given time... While it is possible to multi-dot and increase your DPS, it's essentially stupid and is completely wasted. Considering we're shamans, the extra flame-shock dot really wouldn't account for much anyways.

    So, First thing I noticed - 69% uptime on flame shock. Now, while there are times when you are not actively attacking anything, thus your DOT uptime could be significantly lower - when comparing it to other classes with dots (your shadow-priest), They had a 79% uptime. That means that for 10% of the fight (we'll just assume for arguments sake that the shadow priest had perfect up-time based on what was possible) You did not have flame shock up. Because Lava Burst is our top damaging ability, 10% of your lava bursts in theory would have done 2/3 of the damage they should have. While this does not add up to a huge DPS loss, every little bit stacks up.

    Second I looked at was earth shock. Comparing you to the other 2 ele shamans in your raid, you used the least amount of earth shocks. Now this could mean one of two things - RNG wasn't very kind to you and you didn't get enough fulmination to perform some higher end earth shocks or You weren't using earth shock on lower-stacks when it might prevent flame shock from dropping off. Remember your priorities... Lava Burst > Elemental Blast > Earth Shock (3+) > Lightning bolt.

    Now, to answer your question about haste and mastery. The Haste breakpoints for Flame shock are 4052 & 8106. Those are the points at which additional ticks will be added. Generally speaking (especially with the Elemental Blast / Echoes of the Elements setup) Haste is still worth more than mastery up to and around the 8106 mark. At that point they tend to be relatively even, with haste being better for movement fights and mastery being slightly better. You really need to spend some time with simcraft to figure out the best stat setup based on the gear you have. It becomes a headache in math that is best left to a machine to figure out.

    That's all I have for now - but it's something to go on

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    Multi-dotting Magera's heads results in more Lava Surges, which is definitely significant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamyyl View Post
    Multi-dotting Magera's heads results in more Lava Surges, which is definitely significant.
    Very good point, I didn't think of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delyian View Post
    Very good point, I didn't think of that.
    There are calculations that shows that multi FS on mageara is "proper" DPS drop, refer to other topics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamyyl View Post
    Multi-dotting Magera's heads results in more Lava Surges, which is definitely significant.
    The DPCT of Flame Shock takes into account Lava Surge procs, and it is a DPS loss to use a 2nd Flame Shock.

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    Thanks for all the info guys, definitely worth the read.

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    I still struggle to find the best way to dps. I'll be on top and others on bottom. RNG sucks but hey its better then what it was. I would post my armory and logs, but I'm new to the forums. I don't have the best gear, but I'm finding ways to optimize the best I can with what I got.
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    The problem... you're a shaman. In all seriousness tho Elemental isn't very gold atm so numbers will probably be low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalzel View Post
    The problem... you're a shaman. In all seriousness tho Elemental isn't very gold atm so numbers will probably be low.
    Which is why we are having a discussion on this? Did you get the memo?

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    Can somebody link the calculations for mageara multi dotting im curious to see.

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