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    Probably one of the worst raids Blizzard has came up with, besides the rehash of Naxxramas.

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    1st couple runs it was alright. I love raiding, I raid daily on 3 chars, but going to DS after clearing it (very rapidly for that matter) became nothing but a chore.

    I least I know now that if I feel the same any tier to just take a break and wait for it.

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    I liked DS primarily because it was the first raid I've EVER been able to do at it' in game introduction. Usually I'm about an expansion or two behind 'cause I don't have the time to build gear up to see these raids. Thanks to LFR, I was able to see it while it was new and ever ATTEMPT to get gear that was useful (I never got anything lol). I like that it was split into two halves. I didn't care much for the first half, I just wanted to experience Deathwing eat preverbal(is that the right word/spelling?) pavement.

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    i liked it overall less then ICC.

    however DS and ICC had the same problem, they both lasted too long. especially DS which was quite easy compared too older tiers, making it farm quite quickly for most higher end raiding guilds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob6875 View Post
    - If you were a caster I hope you were lucky enough to get a legendary in firelands, otherwise GL joining a heroic raiding guild.
    This. I was more than happy when MoP went live simply because that damned staff was no longer "required".

    Even worse, I was a playing a warlock, and most of us know how bad locks were on boss encounters in DS. I was actually forced to switch to my spriest just to finally get into a raiding guild, after they had 8/8H on farm.

    Also, I believe hunters were eventually buffed; just can't recall when exactly. They still weren't great but in a better place than non-legendary casters IMO.

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    DS was alright could of been worse.

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    After spending oh idk 2-3 years trying to get my legendary TF being forced to do an entire tier of raiding with the main boss being recycled from the original game launch (vanilla) I really ****ing hated firelands. The most boss / zone recycled xpac ever? Think za/zg..... /shudder. I actually enjoyed DS some but the last raid I had fun doing was ICC

    DS was pretty fun i guess not the best raiding times ive ever had. I had more fun in the naxx LK remake vs DS. But id say DS was the best raid of cata tho that doesnt say much expansion wise as I do rate Cata being the worst with MoP being right there beside it.
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    Ds was too short, its difficulty was a bit all over the place, it had ridiculously annoying ultraxion trash, it had dissapointing deathwing fights, it provided a poor finale to the expansion, it hung around way too long, and it was one of the main reasons many of my friends and I quit the game. Aside from that it was ok.
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    When I think of Blizzard, I think of many good things... they have made great games that I've enjoyed... above all WoW!... but I also think of a few very bad things... they are; too expensive character transfers!, buyable pets & mounts ($ sign in their eyes),... and then i also think of Dragon Soul... the only raid I truly dislike 100% xD

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    @OP's title question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genooo View Post
    Sure, it was a bit too easy and 4.3 had a massive lack of things to do. But DS itself was a fun raid, I liked the reused wrath setting because it kind of made it feel like it was wrath (my favorite expansion) again. It was a far less boring and bland raid than firelands was.

    The only thing that I did not like about it was that it was a step down in difficulty from the previous tiers of that expansion. The initial bosses were tuned just fine, but casual players QQ'd, so when Firelands was released the difficulty went down. Still there was QQ over such bosses as Ranaros, so yet again Blizz dropped the difficulty when they released Dragonsoul. This and they released the abortion that is raid finder.
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    I loved it.
    And most people would probably be happy with it if we weren't raiding it for so long.

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    Worst raid ever.
    Just my two cents - but DS almost killed the game for me.

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    DS was a OK raid, although a bit lacking idea wise. Seemed to simple and easy. Also it lasted forever. Was much harder to do DS over and over than ICC was.
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    DS was ok/good what killed it for me was experiencing it all so quickly via lfr and having it last like a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyphe View Post
    Worst raid ever.
    Just my two cents - but DS almost killed the game for me.
    Almost killed it for me too... sorry, I know this isn't contributing much... but I have a hard time keeping my fingers from the keyboard, whenever DS is mentioned...

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    I liked it, think I killed heroic Madness 15~ times during Cata. It was way too long, but it had some interesting mechanics and my guild had fun clearing through it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob6875 View Post
    Dragon soul was terrible.

    - Reused locations. Wrath Zones, malagos area, malestrom etc.
    - Sprine was an overall bad encounter. Just fight adds for 10mins and hope your dps can take our that add that you only had a few seconds to dps. You were forced to stack chars with legendary staffs to have a shot.
    - Never actually got to fight Deathwing, another fight where you basically fought adds the entire time.
    -Dragonblight just made sense considering how important it is to Dragonkind.
    - I loved spine, because it made sense. Same with Madness. Do you really expect that an army of mice with toothpicks could do that much serious damage to you while you were coated in metal plates? All he would have to do in an "average" dragon fight would be fucking step on us.

    I loved DS. It was the first time since Wrath that I'd actually gotten to be competitive on my server, not because it was easy, but because I had a guild who knew what they were doing.
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    Personally, I thought it was a potentially epic dungeon that turned out to be very, very repetitive. Then again, I haven't played MoP, and have none of the more recent raids to compare it to. I know I liked the earlier Cataclysm raids a lot more o_O

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    Seeing people die on Hagara's Ice wall was pretty funny in LFR. Otherwise in Normal, I only liked it because I would raid it with my guild.

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