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    Is the Blood Thirsty achievement almost impossible

    I have tried and failed many times but was wondering how long will it take or how long did it take you to complete it? I was saying impossible because even if I PvPed all day and got 1000HK ill have to do that for 250 days to get the 250k HK achievement. Thats pretty long but some have done it

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    It's easier now than it's ever been, since HKs are tallied from all characters on your account. Said tally puts me right at 200k right now (with ~145k of those on my main). If I got back into the swing of things pvp wise, I would have it done this summer. Just keep queueing up and killing enemies, winning games, and having fun. Don't get in the "I need 1k kills a day for x amount of days now" mentality; IMO it can lead to serious burnout. I've had similar situations where I applied such a mentality and got burned out and quit.

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    It is hardly impossible since so many have it. As Kazgrel stated it is as easy to get as it will ever be without them lowering the totals needed for it, mixing all your toons kills pushed several people over the hump by itself. Where or how are you pvping all day and only getting 1000 kills? 3 or 4 good AVs and you can bang out that much. I have seen people with close to or over 1 million kills so I am sure if you really want Bloodthirsty you will find a way. Enjoy the fact that this isn't something that is just handed out to everybody, sure it only is a matter of time before people have it but most wont wait that long so they don't get it.
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    Not even remotely impossible but you don't just randomly dedicate your self too it I'm at 205k kills in total so I'm actually close however this shit took me years aprox in cataclysm I did 1000 kills a day as a quota with Tol'barad being the core source of it in terms of highest kills totaling to about 100k+ of that expansion. Combined with the account bound achievement netted me up to 205k in total since I'm ancient.

    In short you get it eventually/

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    I actually felt accomplished when I got 100k on my pally. Then later they made it account wide and it easily put me over 250k, but that wasnt really satisfying, specially running around with bloodthirsty on a level 10 alt. I never show that title now. There should atleast be new achievements added, 500k maybe 1M, since tons of people are already above 250k.

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    This guy likes BGs a lot: 23'000 played

    He even did the guild achievement "Creepjackers" (get 1mio. HKs) all by himself ;-) *

    *if HKs before Cataclysm would have counted.

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    Believe it was mid wrath when they implemented achievements, when everything began counting. Either way thats crazy for one guy to earn himself.

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    not impossible but hard. its slightly easier now that all your kills from ever character are counted, apposed to needing 250k on one character. the easiest times to get kills i think though are from old alterac valley, use to be able to farm 100s of kills in there every day, probably 1000+, and old wintergrasp. in early wotlk i was on quite a polpulated server, use to get a few hundred kills per game. but with those 2 methods gone it is harder to earn kills now, most ive got from a BG in a while is about 200. im at about 140k kills, about 100k of them from alterac valley and wintergrasp.
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    It's far from impossible but it's not one one of those achievements where you can say to yourself "think I'll go and work on getting my "the Bloodthirsty" this week". Even since cross account achievements were implemented this is still a rare to see title, but with the amount of "of the Horde/Alliance" running about that number looks set to go up significantly in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williee View Post
    Believe it was mid wrath when they implemented achievements, when everything began counting. Either way thats crazy for one guy to earn himself.
    They went live with the 3.0 pre wrath patch.
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    My one friend is trying to get the 250,000 kills as well. I believe he is at about a little over 17,500 kills on his main. And having almost 100,000 across all his toons, mind you his pally has the most at around a little over 20k alone. He is so excited to get it, and he probably will this expansion. I'm excited for him as well. Me? Eh...I probably won't get there for a while xD. My main has just over 16,000 kills. And I believe I'm actually at around 35,000 for my self, give or take a couple thousand. Despite all of what has been said, I believe it is VERY possible to get it. Not impossible, but not to easy either, you have to PvP for quite sometime in order to get it. Although, if your like my friend and just LOVE pvp and live and breathe the stuff...then your golden! xD.

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    Started at 34,000 one week, and completed the 250k achievement in about 3 weeks. Used to spam AV40 for about 10hours in a day, was repititive but you were getting around 8,000-16,000 honour kills a day. (did Involve a lot of GY farming)

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    I have it. Play for 8 years. Makes it easy.
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    I actually want them to add a 500,000 for people who have been playing forever haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazgrel View Post
    Don't get in the "I need 1k kills a day for x amount of days now" mentality; IMO it can lead to serious burnout.
    ^This is probably the single best piece of advice you'll see all thread long.

    Personally, I am nowhere near 250k HKs total. I'm sitting (combined, across account) with something around 63k. Still, I want to work towards the 100k (and get the "Of The Horde/Of The Alliance" achievement,) and wouldn't mind eventually hitting "Bloodthirsty" either. However, I will not allow myself at any point to start thinking in terms of X kills per day for X days. If I did that, I wouldn't even be going for the 100k, much less eventually 250k. Just take it one BG (RBG or arena) at a time. Focus on the game at hand and play to win. Be an asset to your team and don't get too crazy if you lose a few games here or there. Pure and simple.

    Oh, and for what it's worth.. take screencaps when you hit particularly awesome victory scoreboards or manage to do something cool in PVP. Being able to look back on what you've done before will help you appreciate the journey ahead.


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    I wouldn't say its anywhere close to impossible, long and time consuming however. I don't think it was ever meant to be a sit down and grind type of achievement, more of a game-long progression. I don't pvp often but I've been playing for 7 years about a little over halfway there.
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    Just keep farming Alterac Valley

    OT: You think that's impossible? Try getting maximum XP(5 billion) in Runescape, only one person has ever done it and probably takes 10 years of farming many hours a day.
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    You get a nice amount PVPing while you lowbie level, especially when you are able to do AV. Healing classes work well. I'm only at 151K, but I've not PVPed much at all with the new expansion.

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    Its a long term achievement, not something to hunt overnight. Now that its account-wide its much, much easier. I made my US account at the begining of WoLTK and i'm at 244k account wide without being the most hardcore random bg player (i mostly focus on raiding and arena) so for people playing since Classic or BC, its almost a given admitting they were remotely involved in PvP. For newer players, its a goal to look forward to in the coming years. Its more a veteran reward than anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williee View Post
    Believe it was mid wrath when they implemented achievements, when everything began counting. Either way thats crazy for one guy to earn himself.
    they've always had an HK counter.

    Achievements launched with WLK. (More Accurately, the 3.0 patch that launched just before WLK)

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