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    Most people who have it have been playing for a very long time. Not impossible, but definitely hard.
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    I used to spend most of my time doing BG's entire vanilla, TBC and WOLK. I hit 250k in 4.3 in cata.

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    It's something you do over a long period of time and look forwards to;

    I for one have slowly been chipping off at it with guildmates over the past couple of months. Only recently did we start actively farming and I've gotten about 10k in a week.

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    its not impossible, its just a long grind. I know player who just tried to group with others who wanted the same, they only queued AV and IoC to start farming them at the graveyards.

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    some achievements arent meant to be done in 1 week, this one takes awhile to grind

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    you can get a looooooooot more than 1000hks in a single day.

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    If you PvP a lot it will come by itself, otherwise it will take a very long time.

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    I have been playing since Vanilla and im only at like 180k lol. Then again the only bgs i like are WSG and Twin Peaks think i afk out of everything else.

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    Not impossible, it just requires a lot of time. I main a rogue, which I've had since cata (lvl 10 hit february '12), and I'm now at about 123k hks on that char alone, as well as ~205k account total. And I didn't do much pvp up until the birth of my rogue, and I've played since tbc

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    It's just a grind. It may be a very long grind, but a grind nonetheless. Unlike a lot of other achievements, this one is earned solely depending on how much time you devote.
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    You can find PVP groups on (or .eu) that farm HK's all the time. I have about 150k to go but really won't pvp that much until 5.3 hits with the res changes.

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    I would say it was easier back in Vanilla, when you were able to get up towards of 10k HK during a day of AV. But still, it is easier now with the shared achievement compared to what it was in previous expansions.

    I miss the days when honorable kills was something to follow on a daily basis rather than only being something for achievements and a tiny tiny amount of honor. I do hope that Blizzard makes AV what it once was, a major battle taking days. I doubt this would ever happen when rushing is far more rewarding than killing the opposing faction.

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    Level up a class with stealth, sit at BS in AB all game. Used to raid with a guy who farmed 75k for "of the Alliance" in Wrath in the space of 3 weeks doing that. 25k a week at that rate only leaves another 2 months for the Bloodthirsty.

    That said, he generally didn't PvP after that. Guess it just depends on how desperate you are for the achievement. I'm personally 80k off, or close to. I could probably get it if I relentlessly went into BGs for the next month but what with the abysmal state of PvP in /random and general number of bots I'd probably only manage 2-3 games before logging off.
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    Last I checked I was at 196k honor kills

    I find it goes quicker doing lower level bg's rather than at cap... people are easier to kill if you play a twinked out class. Last night I got just over 100 honorable kills in one Warsong - got 56-0 on my spriest before it ended

    Another few months and I'll finally have mine. Might have to consider character name changes to make my characters sound less like bunny rabbits and more like murderous killing machines :P

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    few achievements are harder than the insane pre-nerf. Bloodthirsty is not one of them.

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    First of all, hard and time consuming are two very different things. It's not hard to get kills, but it takes time. Same with insane pre-nerf or not; it is/was not hard. It takes time and dedication to do it though.

    On topic though; leveling BGs are a total zerg fest where no side seems to want to give up (compared to 90 ones, where the losing side just afks and let you 5 cap or w/e) so you can farm them long enough. And opponents die fast. Convince 3 or so friends to go with you and gather some heirlooms and go 2 x healer 2 x hunter or so and farm away. You can easily get 100+ kills per BG and in short time frame in WSGs while leveling up. Leveling AVs can be crazy aswell.

    If you want to do it on your main, gather friends and zerg away. AV is good if you have a group for it, otherwhise random BG will do so you don't get the same over and over again.

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    That rogue's HK's made my eyes bulge. I was expecting...not that big of a number lol.

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    Lot of people who "farmed it" out were during that final year of Cata. IOC HK farming. 300 hks per 20 minutes at the GY. Not sure if that died off when Preform AV Enabler got killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrExcelion View Post
    Lot of people who "farmed it" out were during that final year of Cata. IOC HK farming. 300 hks per 20 minutes at the GY. Not sure if that died off when Preform AV Enabler got killed.
    Did you ever do the 80-84 bracket in IoC during Cataclysm? Get the Siege Engine, camp the base graveyard. You could literally kill off the whole team in two attacks with that thing.
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