View Poll Results: In your opinion, what is the best expansion pack?

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  • The Burning Crusade

    49 29.34%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    61 36.53%
  • Cataclysm

    9 5.39%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    48 28.74%
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    lmfao-mop and wrath are headed of BC in people are crazy if you think those two x-pacs can compare to has gone down hill "pvp and rading" since BC.i have said it a million times,BC was wows prime years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panszer View Post
    How can you not like, WOTLK... It was the best expanion, in my opinion. =)
    wrath is when blizz took a big old shit on pvp.

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    1. BC
    2. WotLK
    3. MoP
    4. Cata

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarl Balgruuf View Post
    Do we really need to have one of these threads once every few days?
    Yes we do, just like you have to post that comment in everyone of those threads.

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    As much as I loved the game during BC, I was anticipating a fairly even split between WotLK and MoP... Which happened. Great contiguous zones, fantastic themes and amazing new races. Brilliant scenery, meaty story, paradigm-shifting new additions to the game, new classes, enough actual raid content.

    No surprise on Failclysm taking home the wooden spoon.
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    Pebrocks, I like your signature - that TradewindNQ is a funny one.

    OT: I have trouble voting for this as I do not have a favorite but things I really enjoyed from each one.
    Vanilla (even though this is not an expansion): Started WoW at 1.4 as a Mage. The world was so large, made a lot of friends leveling up which led to my guild (which led to the wifey), failed my first year of university so I could raid/camp those damn emerald dragons (totally worth it). So many memories.
    BC: met the guild I will forever miss (Comitatus), spend TBC and upto Ulduar with them. Great heroics and people praised me for my ability. Didn't raid past Kara all expansion yet "Friday night runs with E" was on the level of Vanilla for me and everyone in my guild.
    WotLK: Great story. The endgame was too easy for my liking so got back into raiding, ended up 11/12H on 25.
    Cataclysm: Sadly not my fav expansion but I enjoyed the heroics (pre and post nerf). Loved the leveling experience so I spent Cata doing that.
    MoP: I have nothing bad to say about this expansion minus I do miss the people I used to play with (down to 3 now). Everything has been fantastic abou the available content: quantity, speed, options and quality. I think they are in a good spot as it looks like GC really would like to look at adding more of a social aspect again. I think this can only be great as I don't see them reverting any of their changes but adding more social rewards.

    So yea, can't choose one. Def looking forward to each patch for additional things to do versus me being bored of the current patch. Next expansion should be very interesting!

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    Here's how I'd rate the expansions:

    1) Wrath of the Lich King
    I had a lot of fun during the first two raid tiers. ToC was fun for a while too, but running that raid 4 times a week burned me out very quickly. I didn't get much of a chance to experience ICC. I enjoyed Naxxramas a lot too. It was easy, but the fights were fun. Ulduar of course was the most enjoyable raid ever released. I wish they would have given us more time before releasing ToC.

    2) The Burning Crusade
    What I like about this expansion, is that WoW was still new to me at the time. I reached level 60 about a week before it was released. Since I was in a casual guild, I didn't know about the raids that were added in the expansion until talking to someone in a Shadow Labyrinth run. (Yeah, people actually did talk in dungeons back then.) After looking more into it, I really pushed for my guild to give Karazhan a shot. Sure enough, we eventually got enough people ready for it.

    3) Cataclysm
    The first raid tier was amazing. We had 3 different raids, which I thought was fantastic. You didn't have to deal with the same scenery every raid night. I also really enjoyed my class in this expansion. All 3 specs were incredibly fun. I feel like they made 2 mistakes though. First, they delayed the next tier of raiding by a whole content patch. Our guild was getting burnt out and was ready for that next tier. Second, they cut out two raids that players were expecting in this expansion.

    4) Mists of Pandaria
    Blizzard changed the mage class too much for my liking in this expansion. At level 90, it didn't feel like I was playing a mage anymore. Fire and arcane just got weird with the changes, and frost lost Deep Freeze on bosses. Don't even get me started on those horrible excuses for level 90 talents. If they didn't alter my class at all, I'm sure I'd rate this expansion much higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meathead View Post
    lmfao-mop and wrath are headed of BC in people are crazy if you think those two x-pacs can compare to has gone down hill "pvp and rading" since BC.i have said it a million times,BC was wows prime years.

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    wrath is when blizz took a big old shit on pvp.
    That is your opinion and you're welcomed to have it. But don't call other people crazy just because your expansion/opinion isn't ahead of everyone else. That's acting like a child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pejo View Post
    Pebrocks, I like your signature - that TradewindNQ is a funny one.
    Thanks! And I agree, he's pretty funny.

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    I can't answer this. I loved all except for Cataclysm. BC and MoP tied for top, imo. Wrath has a special place in my heart for being the golden age of my raiding prowess, and when I had the most fun socially with friends.

    I'll fully admit my fierce love for BC is mostly nostalgia. I started playing in BC, that's when the game was so new and magical and adventurous and there was always something new to learn and do. Now that I know all the things, the game lost a bit of it's magical charm for me. Still love it though. Each new expansion brings that charm back, at least during the start

    I think MoP is wonderful. I love the raiding content, even if I'm not getting to progress very far I also think Pandaria is beautiful, and so different, and the music is awesome. I LOVED the 85-90 questing, very good stuff. Pet battles are addicting and fun. I love the smaller patches more often idea, and I still have fun with my classes and PvPing. Overall I don't think I've had this much fun since the start of Wrath.

    So, I think if you put the nostalgia behind, MoP wins it for me.
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    WOTLK > TBC > MoP=Cata

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    The debate will never end and I don't take part in it anyway. But I will say that the expansion I enjoyed the most was Wrath of the Lich King.

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    how many threads we need on this retarded topic per day? jesus fucking christ what the fuck

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    I liked Cataclysm guild wise, and lore. I thought it was an enjoyable expansion, screw you guys. The best part was watching everyone complain about the same things over and over again.
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    Wotlk, because all of my friends actually still played.

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    Aww poor Cataclysm only 6 votes so far, i wanted to give my vote to it cause it was amazing when they first released it, But i hated the patches so much. So my vote goes to MOP as i have been consistenly entertained and impressed so far more then the other xpacs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkamedis View Post
    Wotlk, because all of my friends actually still played.
    So true, but trying to ignore that my vote is still MOP.
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    How is this even a question..
    TBC >>>>>>>>> MoP >>>> Cata >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WotLK
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > WoD = WotLK

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    Went with Mists, just seems to me that overall the expansions keep getting better in pretty much all aspects.

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    TBC/MoP. TBC since its when i started playing and the game was all new a shiny for me but mop has been in a leauge of its own... its turning out to be good
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    I was very sceptical at first, pretty much hated it after they announced MoP at Blizzcon, but now there's no doubt - Mists of Pandaria is the best expansion so far.
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    Most will say the expansion they started in. I'd have to say BC cause it was a lot more difficult than the crap that's out now, dungeon wise. Start of Cata was like that too til people started crying about it and going back to the nerfed up WotLK ways.

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