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    Hero classes... Based on Professions?

    One of the main reasons Blizzard gave for not making a new hero class: Death Knights felt like they should start at a higher level. You were already a hero.
    So, wait. A tinker would have to have been a great engineer. And an Alchemist would have to already have to be a great alchemist. !!!
    So what if, to unlock a Tinker, or some other class, you were required to reach level 55 with a character of a certain profession?
    Think about it!

    Engineer: Tinker
    Scribe: Runemaster
    Enchanter: ...Enchanter as a class? Int plate!
    Blacksmith: A City of Heroes Mastermind-style pet class with suits of armor as pets please and thank you.
    Tailor: Demon Hunter. Because of reasons. >.>
    Alchemist: Alchemist
    Leatherworking: Beast Master
    Jewelcrafter: .....Okay, I give up.

    But seriously! What classes would you like to see that could be implemented this way?
    Think it's possible?

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    For those who haven't seen a City of Villains Mastermind:
    It's pretty beast.
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    Just no. Tailor = demon hunter? Leather worker = beastmaster? The only two even remotely close are tinker and alchemist.

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    It was a joke, bro; I have no idea what they could possibly do with Tailor, or leatherworker. xD

    The point was that Tinkers could be implemented as a Hero class, and not a regular class. It was implied that they wouldn't add any more.

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    I wouldn't want that to keep blizz from doing cool stuff to the professions.

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    Great. You mentioned tinker, now Teriz is probably gonna show up. It's not gonna happen. Already a profession. And most importantly, there's absolutely no lore behind them to have a reason to put them into the game. Unless wow becomes steam punk all of a sudden.

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