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    Quote Originally Posted by warcraftmew View Post
    if your banned your banned for a reason and you not be unbanned i think the OP has been banned for botting or something and wonders why he cant use his account
    OP claims he was banned for using WoW on WINE (a Windows 'emulator' - though don't let its fans catch you calling it that!) and was banned for it.
    There was a time when many players were banned for this, but, as the OP also indicated later, the bulk of them were unbanned.

    The fact that Blizzard has refused to unban his account, however, is a good indicator that his story may not be the whole truth.

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    No. People need to accept responsibility for their actions. No amnesty - ever!
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    Depends on the crime. If it's something like you got banned because you bought something from a hacker and didn't know he was a hacker, then yes. If you're botting, then no way. In a prior guild we had a guy that ever other week would get banned for botting, literally. He'd hop on an alt and the raid team would have to carry him through normal DS to gear him up quickly for the heroics, because his other char got banned. People like that need to have all their toons deleted to keep them away for good.

    I could maybe see a three-strike policy even for things like botting (which don't have it if I'm not mistaken, it's auto permaban), just because you sometimes get clueless people that don't want to deal with leveling boring-ass Fishing or Archaeology and will bot that, but then you have the speed hackers and the actual botters who play the AH and those people need to be killed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otiswhitaker View Post
    Instead of finding ways for people to get unbanned, I'd rather they start handing out bans for more things :x

    WoW desperately needs some moderation of some sort.
    Oh, because people should get banned for "hurting someones little feelings?" Laughable. If you cannot handle some digital harassment from some random person you have never met, you don't belong on the internet.

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