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    Solo scenario help

    I just now turned in my 20 secrets of the empire for the 5.2 legendary questline & now get to do the solo scenario at the thunderforge. Problem is I get worn down by the large number of adds. Any tips to getting thru this? I'm a BM hunter.


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    kill adds, in emergency use the anvils

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    Ah ty was so busy running from adds didn't see anvils could be used.

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    I've heard it can be rough for classes without much self healing. Make sure you take Spirit Bond (and glyph) and potentially run a Spirit Beast as well.

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    I especially liked it when the NPC guardian ran off like an asshole and left me to die.
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    Guardian does more damage the higher his hp percentage is.
    Using an Anvil does aoe damage to adds, interrupts Sha Boss, and resets Guardian to 50% hp (even if he is higher).
    Standing in green beam put down by Guardian heals you.
    If you are a healer, pick up the orbs the forge throws out, they make you deal damage when you heal the Guardian or yourself.
    Don't overuse Anvils, you need to save a few.

    Personally I did this as a mage with zero self healing, not that that matters because the green beam gives all the healing you need. I just focused on aoeing/bursting the adds to keep them off the Blacksmith, and standing in the healing beam when I could. The Sha Boss part was the hardest for me, and arguably the last part of this scenario is far easiest to do as a healer.
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