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    Quote Originally Posted by Requimortem View Post
    I am not okay with heirloom shields being added. Sure, I would love to have the healer's shield on my shaman, but the other is just going to make "low level" PvP even more unbearable.
    Blizzard admitted several times they don't give a sh*t about pvp, especially low level pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavox View Post
    Blizzard admitted several times they don't give a sh*t about pvp, especially low level pvp.
    I realized that years ago, I'm just hoping to find someone who agrees with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavox View Post
    Blizzard admitted several times they don't give a sh*t about pvp, especially low level pvp.
    Got any source where blizzard states "they dont give a shit about pvp" ?

    Would love to see them admit that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mezmaron View Post
    But that's just it, there's not a choice as it is now. If you want to change specs you can do it already and quite easily. Tri spec would just add convenience and that's what people keep saying. Speccing is not a hard choice and never really has been except maybe in vanilla where 50 gold was still a decent amount of gold. People respec trees and talents even now on a per fight basis if they want to, again, the reason they want tri spec is for convenience. Talent trees are not about choices other than if you want to go through the hassle of visiting a trainer, rearranging your bars, and using a trivial amount of gold. That's it. Also, people have wanted multiple specs forever, it wasn't just let us have 2.
    My point is adding tri-spec would make the game a little bit more boring.

    There's a ton of inconvenient things still left in the game, like:

    Is it not inconvenient to have to spend time moving from point A to point B? How about a portal mechanism, where you just double-click a point on your map, and *puf* you're there instantly.

    Removing everything that's inconvenient leaves very little to do. They'd have to remove dailies as well, and just award people gold and random rep once a day. Remove trash in dungeons and raids. Who cares about trash anyway. Just add whatever they might drop to the boss loot table and up the gold drop as well. And so on...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mezmaron View Post
    You're trying to make it into some kind of slippery slope argument that I just don't see when it comes to respeccing mid fight, all buffs, every profession etc (which btw, many people do have every profession already through alts more or less). As far as additional specs beyond 3, I personally don't see much need but I wouldn't be against it at all for reasons already stated.
    Today it's tri-specs for talents, tomorrow it's dual-spec for proffs. Have 2 active, and be able to swap to two others. You can have them all spread across multiple toons, but it would be so much more convenient to have them all on the same toon, no?

    It never ends. You could change so many things to make it more convenient, just, that tends to make things a lot more boring, 'cos there's fewer things to do, which means there's not much else than raiding and farming dailies (which it seems a lot of people already hate - the dailies).

    PS. Pardon me if I come off as a bit too sarcastic or arrogant or whatever. It's not intended, just trying to prove my point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynix View Post
    People like you are what's wrong with the world.

    You think that just because you enjoy PvP it's the only way to play the game, I've seen so many hardcore PvPers that go on about how bad PvE Heroes are and then completely fail themselves in raids not only on mechanics but on overall dps output as well. Most pvpers don't know shit about the game outside their PvP rotation and because of that they fail in raids. This is also the reason they seem to avoid raids, It's not actually because you guys think it's easy, it's because you guys don't want to be caught out by others as being completely terrible outside pvp.

    This attribute is most present in PvP dedicated rogues.

    I can't wait to see all the crying when patch 5.3 comes out and PvPers start getting smashed by (as they put it) "PvE Heroes"

    Also just wanted to point out 'Yous' is not a word, the correct usage in your sentence is "game and you still(*) fucking whine". The way this works is that you have already established that you are talking about a group of people earlier in the sentence and therefore do not need to reaffirm it with fake words that you made up.
    ive cleared all 10 man raids in MOP apart from TOT and i can tell you there isnt hardly any PVE rotation anymore all you gotta do is make sure you dnt stand in any bosses moves or generate more threat than your tank, i dnt know why ppl say PVE rotation exists how tall i do as a dk is spam HB,FS and OB to proc a free rime, you can play 10 man raids 1 handed ive done raiding whilst eating a fucking pizza before, PVP requires alot more than PVE does nowadays, everything in PVE is pretty much given to you bosses moves are in the journal,DBM addon tells you when boss is gonna do a certain move etc.

    PVE = scripted content thats gotten easier over the years

    PVP = skill cos you dont know how good the person is behind the screen and im talking rated pvp not random bg's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootstrapper View Post
    I think it might be Sargeras.
    Well, no. Quoting my earlier post:

    Quote Originally Posted by g0urra View Post
    The second artwork is a Balrog according to the artist:

    So either Blizzard is really shitty at looking up what people's art is from, or they thought "this looks cool" and slapped the Cataclysm logo on it.
    Gourra, Wowpedia admin

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    sweet heirloooms

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