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    Quote Originally Posted by Seranthor View Post
    Green is from the oracle egg... whats easier than buying the egg and waiting for it to hatch?
    Because you will never* see it.

    You can solo most, if not all, of the Glory of the Hero achievements. Oculus will take three days to do all the achievements.
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    They're all rng based aside from Red, Ulduar and Violet. Violet is easiest as it's a lot of work spread across the whole year, but that doesn't fulfil your specifications unless you've been keeping up with the holiday achievements. It was the first one I got I think (the Halloween after it's theoretical earliest possible acquisition, due to the Sinister Squashling).

    Green is by far the least effort beyond the initial rep grind. Get the Wolvar stuff first though, (if you want their stuff) as they all have decent drop rates, whereas the Green may never drop (in theory). I got mine in about 4 months (you can try once per week). YMMV.

    Blue is probably the quickest as you can try once per day.

    The thing is though, you can do all of these at the same time as they require small amounts of time commitment, and keeping an eye out for Ulduar runs.

    TLPD is the one you're least likely to get easily as it requires the rarer version of a rare spawn, in a heavily camped crz. Time lost indeed.
    And Red might be possible, might be impossible depending on mechanics of certain fights in Wrath 5 mans (though most can be brute-forced). Those aren't dangerous, but fulfilling the kill requirements might be tricky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue The Shaman View Post
    Because I'm sick of the way they look. Theyr'e like egg-shaped in the wings.

    Also would it be best to bring on of my 90's, or can i bring my DK(81) (FOR BLUE) cuz i'm lovin him ATM
    No, you cannot take your 81 DK since it is an 80 heroic dungeon where it has a slim chance to drop. The only way would be if you had assistance from others, who would probably want it as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    Because you will never* see it.

    You can solo most, if not all, of the Glory of the Hero achievements. Oculus will take three days to do all the achievements.
    back before account wide mounts I had one of my characters that got 3 green drakes in a span of a month... first one got learned... 2nd one that came out of the egg went in the bank, and the egg that the 3rd one was in wasn't lootable because I had one already, so the egg went in the bank.

    since the question is what is the easiest to SOLO I still think my response was the most accurate... but that IS an opinion, your mileage might vary.

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    Red and Bronze is the easiest, if u got an good geared tank char i can solo 90% of achievements for both.
    Green takes least amount of effort, farm to revered>buy egg>wait 3 days and hope for the best.

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    I have the green one. If you want to just buy an egg every 3 days and have the required rep level, it's pretty easy. But it is RNG. I got mine during WOLK and just swung by during dailies.

    If you have to have it ASAP, probably this isn't for you. I think it took me a couple of months.

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    I've been buying that god forsaken egg from Oracles on and off since Wrath and have yet to get that mount still.

    Red would be the quickest to obtain, IMO; Occulus achieves may take 2-3 days, but I believe all the rest can be done in one day. After red, blue would probably be next easiest, since it can be farmed once a day. That said, I know of folks who have the green but can't get the blue to drop.

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    Yeah I'm not looking to spend moths to get one mount when i can get the same one in a few days

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    You can earn the Red in the same time it takes for the Oracle egg to hatch, 100% guarantee you'll get a mount. Nuff sed

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    Are the ulduar achieves doable in like 2 weeks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorden View Post
    Probably. And with CRZ, it's likely gotten worse.
    Not that I have it myself but if you know the ONE or TWO servers that don't apply to CRZ. It will still be bad just not as bad as it always is....and yes there are server(s) that don't apply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    Because you will never* see it.

    You can solo most, if not all, of the Glory of the Hero achievements. Oculus will take three days to do all the achievements.
    And the Violet hold archivement, you will need a couple of tries and if you're unlucky as me, you will need more than a month to get it >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue The Shaman View Post
    Are the ulduar achieves doable in like 2 weeks?
    You can get the ulduar archivement in one run, just look for a group for ulduar 10 man (Say it's for the drakes) and the next week you can do Ulduar 25 man...

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    I got green egg on my first egg, which probaly luckiest day I had so far. Not sure but I think I might of been first back on my realm to get it then.

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    Regarding the Ulduar drakes, I've got 4 words:

    Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare

    For those of us that have done it, I need not say more. Having had to do it in MoP to help guildies, it isn't nearly as painful as it was in expansions past...but it is still aggravating as hell.

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    blue took me 124 runs...thats 124 days, so yeah not easy to get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue The Shaman View Post
    Is TLPD still farmed all to hell?
    As everyone said, it's harder even.

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    Go for the green one. It's green. The others are not green. Why would you even want any other?
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    Speaking from experience, if you can run heroics when there's a satchel, you have a chance of getting them...that's how I got myself a few blue and green protos last expansion But the Ulduar protos are going to be the easiest/quickest to get, as you can do all the achievements in one lockout, unlike the Glory of the Hero which requires a few lockouts for some of the achievements.

    But Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare...Thanks for reminding me, Kazgrel

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seranthor View Post
    green probably
    mine took years >.>

    OP: the red proto drake from the heroic dungeon meta achievement
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    If you do end up farming for the blue one remember account wide mounts. Pretty much any 85 toon or higher can solo UP with easy.

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