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    Commented in here a couple times and have been keeping tabs on the thread. I believe the ideal solution is to move mages to a Cleave model for spreading DoT's and that said DoT's are all applied as a function of casting our direct damage spells.

    Blue Skying all Bombs would be;

    - single (via cool down on spell) target instant cast
    - chance to proc spec specific spell (all bombs work for all specs)
    - put a DoT on target
    - apply an effect (unique to bomb being used)

    Then give all specs a "cleave" spell, with an appropriate cool down, that they use to push DoT's out to either closest X mobs or all mobs within X radius (opportunity for a glyph).

    Each bomb could be unique in how it procs, effect it applies, duration and strength of DoT applied.

    If as I suspect with 6.0, they move mages to having a resource (think holy power, runes, combo points, etc), bombs could also interact with resource generation or have their strength improved via using resource. As an aside, I believe they will go to resource system which will enable them to eliminate existing 90 talents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
    mipper I think you are being too generous with the amount of foresight you are giving the dev team that worked on the mage talent tree. They emergency buffed our bomb damage by 40% and then had to re-emergency hotfix that in pvp. They really don't know what's going on most of them time it seems.

    I think the reason we got bombs in the first place is that someone thought it was a neat idea without considering the impact it would have.
    You may be right, I'm just speculating and have no support for it. Although, they talk about class "kits" quite often so my guess is they aren't just picking random talents out of a hat. Perhaps they figured mages would complain if they had no dot capability relative to the other casters...

    I agree with the previous point that dots fit with fire mages. My favorite part about fire mages was that the dots were passive and baked in to landing spells.

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