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    Rexxar for sure, why you might ask? Because he's awesome and has a true heart of the Horde!

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    My mage already looks like Ragnaros.

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    My first thought would be Magni Bronzebeard (before he turned to diamond obviously). Because dwarves are awesome, and he's one of the most badass of them. Of course, that really just means a dwarf that's slightly bigger than the others.

    I guess if I want something a little more unique, I'd go for one of those crazy fel orcs like Gurtogg Bloodboil. Anything that makes a badass looking fury warrior would work.

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    warlock asi teron gorefiend
    priest alexstrasza
    dk Blood Queen Lanathel
    paladin dont have any idea most likely lady vash or human form of queen azshara or maiev
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    Hmm, any npc huh? Then I would choose....Moruzond lol. First time I saw his model I was like.... Mount! Drop for me right now!! That never happened XD

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